As a Women’s Ministry, in each environment our hope is to:

Remind: Reminding every woman of WHO they are...How God sees them and What He believes about each one of them: that they are dearly and deeply loved and valued by God.
Restore: Restoring understanding of God’s original design for each woman…Accessing God’s restorative and healing power to make broken lives whole.
Reach Out: Reaching out to show the love of God to the people in our local community and the world.

“When we finally understand who we are and how much we are loved, our lives begin a process of restoration in which we begin to understand our original design…who we were designed to be in the first place...God’s design for us! Our hope is that our Women’s Groups create environments to explore deepening relationships with God and personal connections among the friendships and community of women at CCV.

From that safe place of security and confidence in knowing His love for us…the broken parts of our lives naturally begin to heal as we are ‘transformed by the renewing of our minds.’ (Romans 12:2) Then, as we are seeing the power of God at work in our lives…the natural outpouring of that love is to WANT to reach out and give back that love.

So our Women’s outreach opportunities are simply ways for us to show the hope and love we have found to the world around us. It’s a cycle of knowing who we are, letting that understanding become our foundation, and then living our lives showing others the wonder that they too are deeply loved…it’s that beautiful cycle of what happens as we become who we were designed to be! This area of identity and understanding our true worth and value seems to be the greatest need and our strongest theme as we work with women from all sorts of backgrounds…and no matter where we have come from, or what our past has held…it’s common ground for us all."