New Senior Pastors for Causeway Coast Vineyard

We are delighted to announce that in the summer of this year, Neil and Janet Young will become Senior Pastors of Causeway Coast Vineyard.

For some time Alan and Kathryn Scott have sensed God asking them to hand over the leadership of the church and move to the United States of America, which they will do at the end of June, 2017.

Naturally, they have spent considerable time in prayer and have sought the Lord’s wisdom, timing and direction for their move.  When they leave, Alan and Kathryn will be sent with the full blessing of Causeway Coast Vineyard’s Board of Directors and the Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland National Directors.

Alan and Kathryn said:

We cannot even begin to convey the depth of honour we feel to have been able to lead this church from its beginning until now. 

Causeway Coast Vineyard has been the most wonderful church to call home. We have so deeply loved being part of the story here - watching in amazement as lives have been changed, as the love of Jesus has spilled from our Sunday services onto the streets, into schools, into businesses and workplaces all across Northern Ireland and beyond.  It still takes our breath away that the dreams God had - and continues to have in His heart  - over this community are so much wider and deeper than we ever dared imagine when we began.

John Wimber used to say that, “The economy of God's kingdom is quite simple: every new step in the kingdom will cost us everything we have gained to date.  We are spare change in God’s pocket, ready to be spent however He wants.” That’s the very reason we moved to Northern Ireland to plant the church, and it’s the same reason we surrender again to the voice of Jesus as He calls us to California now.

We are so grateful to be part of the Vineyard Movement. And it has been such an honour to serve under the leadership of John & Eleanor Mumford and now John & Debby Wright. They are outstanding couples who live passionately, serve generously and love whole-heartedly. They have they led us with integrity and skill, and we are forever indebted to them both.

There is simply no way to leave a place and people like this without a deep sense of sadness and loss. Those we have journeyed alongside have crawled inside our hearts and taught us how to live well. They have also taught us how to give our ‘yes’ well – living with risk at our core, laying every aspect of our lives at the feet of Jesus time and again… and so even though we feel sadness, we are also full of expectation and excitement for what the Lord is leading both this church and this city into next. There is so much more! And we cannot wait to hear the stories that are yet to unfold.

We clearly recognise God’s favour on Neil and Janet - their gifting, leadership and calling to bring life to this city. They are uniquely equipped for the task ahead, having served alongside us from the very start. Not only do they brilliantly carry our culture as a church, but they embody the bold risk and servant-hearted leadership this community needs. And so it is with our whole hearts that we endorse them.’

John and Debby Wright, National Directors of Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland, said:

‘Alan and Kathryn are very dear to us and we applaud their obedience as they move to the other side of the Atlantic.  They have served Causeway Coast Vineyard, the movement and the wider Body of Christ with such godly character, and to such great effect.  They will be hugely missed, but we are in no doubt that their ministry will continue to bless the churches in the U.S. just as they have been such a blessing to us.

We are delighted to welcome Neil and Janet Young as the new Senior Pastors.  They carry the DNA of Causeway Coast Vineyard, embody our Vineyard values and have a bright vision for the future. We hold them in high regard and have no doubt that, through the grace of God, they have the wisdom, calling and ability to lead Causeway Coast Vineyard into this new season.’

Neil and Janet Young said:

‘We feel honoured to have the opportunity to lead Causeway Coast Vineyard.  Alan and Kathryn have blazed a trail for so many of us, which has helped lead the church and the city into life.   

We love them, we are so grateful for them and are privileged to continue the work that they have started in this city.  Naturally, in the coming months we will work closely with them to ensure a smooth and healthy transition.’

Dates of Neil and Janet’s commissioning service will be announced in due course.

Missed Sunday? 


As we prepare to transition from Alan & Kathryn to Neil & Janet, we filmed some short videos which we hope you will find helpful. 

About Neil & Janet 

Neil and Janet serve as part of the team at Causeway Coast Vineyard and have been leading together since the early days of the church. Neil, who grew up in the area, trained as an architect before moving into youth ministry and joined the team at Causeway 10 years ago, where he is now the Associate Pastor.

Janet has been a part of the church since day one and has had the privilege of watching God move in wonderful ways over the last 18 years in the community.

The first time they met was at an evening service in the church and this year they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. They have a son called Caleb who has recently started school and their greatest joy that they get to live this adventure together as family.