Making Room for More

New Kids & Youth Environments open now!

Over the last few years we have been delighted to see the quality of our kids and youth environments grow and develop, watching our Under 18s grow in their Kingdom identity and authority. As with everything we do here at CCV, we want to ensure we are loving with excellence, while creating room for guests.

We have revisited our Kids and Youth age groups and environments, and we believe these changes will both better the quality of our environments and create space for new families.

Find out more about these exciting new environments below!

Kids | Vineyard Stars | 6mo – 11yrs

6mo – 1yr | Board Room
We are so excited about this brand new environment for parents and their babies. Parents/guardians will stay with their little ones, who will have space to move, crawl and enjoy stimulating play. Room hosts will be on-hand to ensure guests and their little ones have all they need to enjoy this time together!

1 – 2yrs| Green Room
This room is for babies who are one year old until they turn two. This bright and engaging room has lots of space to move and play. Parents/guardians are welcome to stay with their little ones, however it is not necessary that they do as this room will be run by our fantastic kids leaders.

Once your child turns two, they can move into Littlestars. We recognise that from this age children are becoming more aware of their surroundings and for this reason (as well as space available in rooms), we encourage parents/guardians to leave their child in the room and not stay with them, unless a plan has been made to serve in the room, or a leaving plan has been established.

Each of the following environments has a team of leaders as well as a room leader who will always let you know if your child is upset or uneasy.

2 yrs – Pre-School | Pink Room
This environment is for children once they turn two, until they begin their pre-school year of nursery. This will be a fun and interactive room of play, games and story time.

Pre-School Age | Lime Room
This environment is for children in their pre-school year. Our team of leaders are excited to roll out a vibrant and exciting curriculum, with space for kids to run, play, worship and engage in activities suited to their age and stage. This room is set up in a similar way to a pre-school environment, so your child will feel like they are walking into a familiar space.

Allstars Juniors
P1 – P2 | Blue Room
This room is for children who are in their first two years of primary school. There will be structured play and space for children to encounter Jesus through vibrant worship, teaching, praying for one another and learning to hear God’s voice.

P3 – P4 | Orange Room
This room is for children in P3 & P4. This is a great space for kids to play, engage in challenges and activities, as well as getting to know Jesus more through teaching worship and discussion.

Hi-5 Stars
P5 | Hope Centre
This is a new and exciting room for our P5s with activities, games, worship, stories and a discussion time relevant for this particular school year. High-5 Stars will have a different feel to Allstars as we recognise there is a developmental jump that occurs for children of this age group.

Allstars High
P6 – P7 | Hope Centre
This room is for children who are in their last two years of primary school. We feel it’s important for children in P6 & P7 to be in the same environment because of the unique stage they are at together at school. There will be games, worship and a story with topics relevant to these school years as they prepare to move on to secondary school.

Meeting Room 2
This is a new room and we can’t wait for it to launch! This room will be available for any child who has any additional needs and is struggling for these reasons in their age-specific room. We are so excited to be able to offer this space as we want every child to be able to enjoy their time at Vineyard Stars. Within this environment we will have different interactive zones for children to engage with. There will be a team leading this environment who have received additional training in this specific area. This team will also, like in our other rooms, roll out a Jesus-centred curriculum with worship, stories and play-based learning. In some cases, if a child has physical or additional needs that are beyond our capacity or training, parents may be asked to remain in this room.

Signing in your Kids
Sign-in for all of these environments, from Tinystars to Allstars High will be open in the Kids Foyer from 9.15 – 9.45am & 11.15 – 11.45am.

YOUTH | 11yrs – 18yrs

We are passionate about creating spaces to allow young people to thrive. We believe these changes in our youth age groups and room allocations will both better the quality of our environments and create space for us to welcome more new teens. The new youth environments will be:

Year 8 – 9 / 1st & 2nd Year | Hope Centre
Year 10, 11 & 12 / 3rd – 5th Year | Hope Centre
Year 13 & 14 / 6th Form & Tech | Hope Centre
Youth sign in is available in the Hope Centre, accessed via the auditorium.

We are excited about all that these new environments will make available to our Under 18s and the opportunity for connection this creates for more new families.

If you are a family looking for a place of connection, we would love to invite you to come along this weekend. Our Host team would love to welcome you, help you to register any under 18s visiting with you, and guide you around our new environments. We can't wait to meet you!

Sunday Services
9.30am & 11.30am | Kids & Youth Environments
7pm (no Kids/Youth Environments)