5 Keys to Satisfaction

In July, Neil shared with us how we can live satisfied in a world that often points us to feelings of dissatisfaction. We felt this was such a helpful and practical message and so we have summarised his message in 5 points to help us live life fully satisfied, whatever our circumstances. 

Doesn’t it seem that everything in our culture centres around the pursuit of satisfaction? We are bombarded with advertisements daily, telling us where we will find it, how we will find it and when we will find it. This pursuit of satisfaction has shown us that there is a whole lot of dissatisfaction around us. It seems that in any given day there are a lot of reasons for us to experience dissatisfaction, but what would it look like to live as a people who are satisfied regardless of our circumstances? King David was a man who had satisfaction. While David was on the run in the desert from his son who was trying to kill him, he declared “I will be fully satisfied” (Psalm 62:5). What was it that led David to declare his satisfaction during this incredibly difficult season of his life? I don’t know about you, but I would love to be satisfied during the good and hard times in life.

Let me suggest five things that we can observe in the life of David, that I believe when applied to our lives will bring us satisfaction. 

Live looking for God’s heart, not His hand. 

David was described as a man after Gods own heart (Acts 13:22). He wanted God for who he was, not just what He had to offer. He found satisfaction in his life because his satisfaction wasn’t found in his circumstances but in God’s heart. This is the first and foundational principle that will lead us into a life of satisfaction as we follow after Gods heart, not His hand. 

Live with patience as our friend 

We are living in a time in which patience seems to be needed less and less. We have contactless cards, so we don’t have to wait two seconds to put in our pin code; we can order online so we don’t have to wait in store and we no longer even need to wait 15 seconds for the next episode on Netflix to start. Yet, David had to wait 15-20 years after he was anointed as king before he became king and saw the word of the Lord come to pass in his own life. Are we prepared to wait that long to see the Lord move? If we want to live with satisfaction in our lives, we must learn patience. 

Live with honour in our heart 

Even when David was being chased by Saul, David chose to honour his King. This was because David chose to see Saul as God saw Saul. If we want to see satisfaction in our own lives, we must learn to live with honour in our hearts and honour those around us whether we feel they deserve it or not. This involves us seeing them with God’s heart.  

Live to lose entitlement 

We need to remember that when we come to Christ we give up our rights. We are to submit our lives, pick up our cross and follow him. The fact that He loves us and blesses us is just that, it's a blessing, not a right. David was a man who lived with this level of surrender, and even during the incredibly difficult seasons, the absence of entitlement in David's heart released him to live a satisfied life. 

Live engaged 

In a season in which David should have been engaged in war his attention and focus shifted elsewhere, to a woman called Bathsheba. David sought satisfaction outside of the Lord and it ultimately led to a very broken time in David's story. It was when David disengaged from his father that he became dissatisfied. Let’s choose to live engaged with the Lord to remain satisfied at all times.

We hope you find this post helpful as you navigate the adventure of life and that you find satisfaction in life whatever it might look like for you right now. We encourage you to apply these keys to your life and see the abundance of everything God has for you.