Healing at the Train Station

This month during our youth environment on a Friday night, Studio10, some team were out on the streets connecting with the kids there. Two of the team struck up a conversation with a group of four girls near the train station. The team began to ask if any of the girls had pain anywhere in their body. One girl responds that she sometimes would feel pain in her body but didn’t want to share where. One of our team felt like God spoke to her and that her pain was sometimes in her left leg. Surprised, the girl nodded. She then agreed to having the team pray for her leg. One of her friends in the group then spoke up and shared that she had a buckled back. She explained that she couldn’t walk straight and her friends would call her dinosaur when she walked. Her friends then affirmed that this was true and pointed out even more clearly how buckled her back was. This young girl courageously asked the team to pray for her because she so badly wanted a straight back. Our team laid their hands on her back and prayed for her, commanding her back to be made straight. The young girl shared with the team that she could feel a tingling sensation in her back and some kind of heat resting on it. She then began to try straightening her back. When she started walking she not only felt a difference in her walk but her friends began to point out how straight her back was. Her friends couldn’t believe it and shouted at our team how crazy it was that her back was ‘normal’! The team shared how evident it was that Amy was touched and impacted in that moment by God’s love for her. They shared Jesus with the four girls and how much he loves them and they all expressed that they felt that love in that moment. These girls are currently on a journey of hope towards Jesus and relationship with him. They are going to begin connecting with us in our youth environments and we feel expectant for all God has for the teenagers in this community.

*please note we have changed the names of any young person under the age of 18 for privacy.