The story of a £20 note

We heard an incredible story this month of a guy named Paul who has been connecting with us over the last 2 years primarily through one of our Small Groups, but also in some of our Sunday services. He had been listening to our podcasts from our Open Hand series, where we looked at how we step into lives of extravagant generosity and he felt deeply challenged. He shared in his Small Group one night about his desire to hear God’s voice and get better at tuning into what God was saying to him. He continued that he was approached by someone he knew one day randomly, to stop and give him £20. He told the group that the guy told him to “Go bless someone with that!” 

Surprised, Paul wondered who he could give the money to and he thought to himself he should use this time to practice hearing God’s voice. He asked God immediately who it should be and the name of this young guy came into his head but Paul’s initial thought was ‘no, he’ll drink it!’ Over the next few hours he challenged God and said “If you want me to give it to this guy and if I’m hearing your voice correctly please bring the guy into my path.” Later that day, as Paul was doing business in a different town, he pulled his car up to a junction and the guy walked right in front of Paul’s car. Paul called him over and handed him the £20 explaining that he wanted to bless him, however the guy didn’t engage and didn’t communicate or appear to understand. Afterwards, Paul felt a little discouraged by his encounter with this young man and didn’t feel like he had made much of an impact.

A few days later, Paul was on his way to pay £500 he owed to this young man’s father. Financially Paul was struggling a little at the time. He arrived at the man’s house to pay the bill and upon doing so the man explains to him that he didn’t want the money and wiped the debt completely, explaining to him that it was because of the £20 Paul had given out a few days previously to his son, who has additional needs and learning difficulties. He was so impacted by this act of generosity towards his family that he wanted to thank him in that moment. Paul said that this was kingdom work.

A few weeks later, the father called Paul and said that for several years he’d been trying to get his son a care package and into a residential centre and he’d just been called by the centre to say that the trust had agreed a care package for a year and that he wouldn’t have to pay £1000 a week (£52k per year) to help his son (which he was prepared to do), that his son was really happy, he was now receiving professional help and he was recognising that this all came from the initial £20 blessing that had been given to his son. The father said ‘I’m blown away by this generosity’ and has been telling everyone the story.