March Short Stories

A lady felt her hearing significantly improve after one of our 7pm services.  

Dave Pavey, our children’s pastor was in a school this past month, sharing his story with the kids and throughout the two sessions, 8 kids gave their life to Jesus, some of them 6 years old. 

During Alpha one evening Dan Henderson, our ESOM director had a conversation with a guy who said he didn’t think he could believe there was a God. He began to explain that his mum had passed away from cancer a few years ago and he had been wrestling with the question, ‘If God really existed, why would He allow that to happen to his mum?’ Dan began to explain that we live in a broken and fallen world, that not everything that happens is part of God’s plan. Then he asked, “Is there a part of you that maybe blames God for your mum’s death? He agreed that in His grief he found it easier to blame someone and it might as well be God. As Dan explained God’s heart for humanity and His redemptive plan he began to realise that he needed to let go of blaming God. He was at church the following week and after the message he decided to make a commitment to follow Jesus in the connection cafe.

A lady came and sat down with some of our ESOM (Encounter School of Mission) students at the prophecy stations on the Sunday evening of our worship service, as she was looking for God to give her a sign of confirmation for something in her life. One of the students got a picture of a job application form sitting on a desk. The application form had a lot of boxes on it and there were ticks in all of them. The student shared this picture with her and it turned out that she had been filling out an application form earlier that day and the deadline for submission was that Tuesday, two days later. She shared with the students that she didn’t know whether to submit it or not and wanted confirmation that this was something she should do. This prophetic word God shared with this student prompted her to submit it!  

Our kid’s team hosted a mission weekend/ sleepover for kids from CCV and another church. On the Saturday they headed out onto the streets to bless the city and love pray for people. One of the kids decides to buy chocolates from Poundland to give away. Afterwards they meet two people and they gives them the chocolates. The kid offers to pray for them and asks them what they’d like prayer for. One of them agrees to being prayed for but won't say what's wrong. As kids pray a general prayer one of the leaders feels this girl has a bowel condition, which was causing significant pain and a lot of problems. The leader shares this word and she nods her head. The two kids and the leader pray for this girl and for the pain to go.

We heard a story from a parent of her 4- year old praying for their dad, after he had an injury playing football. The dad was suffering with neck pain and his 4- year old immediately knew to pray. After prayer from his child the dad tried moving his neck and lying in ways he couldn’t before. The pain had completely gone!

One of the girls in youth came into her environment on Sunday past with excruciating knee pain. The team asked her where her pain was on a scale of 0-10. She shared that the pain was at a 10. The team and other young people declared healing and prayed for her and nothing happened. They prayed for a second time and this young girl felt heat on her knee. She got up to walk and as she did her pain went from a 10 down to a 6. They prayed for a third time and after that she got up and walked! All pain left her knee in that moment. Afterwards the team and young people prophesied over her and encouraged her.

In our Connection Café this month two teenagers (girlfriend and boyfriend), came to say they wanted to get baptised. The team there asked them how long they have been following Jesus, to which they looked a bit bewildered. The team then got to explain the good news to them both, explaining the cost of following Jesus, and then asked them if they wanted to invite Jesus into their hearts. They said they did and they prayed together to accept Jesus. The team then talked to them about baptism, to which they have now signed up!

Two of our Encounter School of Mission students were in a local estate blessing the area by going door to door offering prayer to people. They knocked on a door and the guy behind the door half fell out of the house and was bent over. He needed to hold onto something because he had a severe back problem that had taken him out of work for a couple of weeks. He explained to the students that a cliff truck had reversed and hit him, dropping a pallet onto his back. This back injury was on top of another injury the year before involving his sciatic nerve and a disk in his back. He invited them into his home, shared that he was a Christian and asked them for prayer. They prayed for him and one of the students began to get words of knowledge about where the pain was. Every area she mentioned was accurate and as they continued to pray the pain decreased in stages from an 8/10 in pain to a 0/10 in pain. He was completely healed and began walking around and stretching! We have been told he is going to his doctor to get the all clear to go back to work.



We heard a story from a dad who told us his 9-year old son said to him one night that he asked his 7-year old friend, who was over one night to play, if he wanted to give his life to Jesus. The 7-year old asked if that would be a good thing to do. This 9 year- old responded saying it would be a good thing for his friend to do and told his dad that this friend gave his life to Jesus that night.