From Death to Life

Mark and Linda Marx were in Jamaica doing Healing on the Streets in February. One of the stories Mark shared upon their return blew us away. It’s certainly a story we don’t often hear but we love how God is showing up and revealing himself to those far from him all across the world.

From Mark Marx: “We were in Papine one of the days we were in Jamaica and as a man walked past me I engaged in conversation. He sat in one of our chairs and told us an amazing story.

He had been living in New York in a third storey apartment. One night he got drunk in a bar and couldn't drive his car home. He gave his car keys to a friend and made his way home on foot. When he got to his apartment he realised his door key was attached to his car keys, which were with his friend. He thought if he climbed from the roof he could get into his apartment from there. He doesn't remember falling off the roof.

He found himself climbing stairs that led to a door. He couldn't see the ground. The door opened, and a hand with a pointing finger appeared that shone with a white light as bright as the sun. The finger pressed against his chest stopping his entry and a voice said to him, "You're not ready!"

Instantly he found himself unable to move as he was zipped in a body bag in a refrigeration cubicle in a mortuary. He unzipped the body bag and kicked the door open. There was a tag tied to his toe. He had been in the mortuary for two days after being pronounced "dead".

After hearing this amazing story we shared the gospel with him. We had the privilege of leading him to Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life and connecting him to his local church!