The Power in Pocket Money

In one of the Primary Schools we connect with we have started having a time for the kids to share their stories from the week. This is such a great time to hear about all that is going on in their lives. One 9-year old boy in particular was passionate to share a story with us. He told us that he had walked past a homeless man while shopping with his mum that week. They carried on walking but this little boy asked his mum if he could go back and talk to him. This boy went back to the man and started chatting to him. He asked him, “What is the one thing that you would most love to have?” The man told the little boy that he would love a scarf. Without hesitation, this little boy went with his mum and bought the man a scarf, using his pocket money. We were totally blown away by this little boy’s generosity and love for someone he had just met on the street.

Last Friday, we were back in the same school and we opened with a time to share stories from the week. Again, this little boy wanted to share with us. He shared that he had been in a shop and was wanting to buy some sweets with his pocket money. He was in the queue and he saw that a man in front of him at the till didn’t have enough money to pay for his food. This little boy looked at the sweets in his hands that he wanted to buy. He knew that if he helped the man out by giving him the money he needed for his food, he wouldn’t have enough for himself to buy his sweets. However, again this little boy chose generosity and he gave the man his pocket money, so that he could buy the food he needed to buy.