Headaches, Healing & Hope

Two Encounter School of Mission students were in the university on their outreach day and as soon as they walked up the steps into the university they noticed three girls sitting by the side of the room smoking. The ESOM students approached them with chocolate bars and started chatting with them about university and exams coming up. One of the ESOM students felt like the Lord told her that one of them had chronic headaches so she asked them if that was true and one of the girls said yes, that it was her. The ESOM student then asked if they could pray for her.

As the ESOM student began to pray she felt the Holy Spirit and began to cry as she felt the Father's love for the girl. She told the girl that God loved her so much and the girl got emotional too. Then the students asked if they could speak what they felt God was saying for each of them over each of them and the girls were so keen. They invited the girls to church and added them on Instagram. As they walked away one of the ESOM students said she felt like they should have asked the girls if they wanted to accept Jesus. They prayed that if Jesus wanted them to have another conversation with the girls then they would see them again before they left the university.

The ESOM students did further giveaways and outreach around the university and a while later they encountered the girls again coming out of a shop. One of the ESOM students approached the girl that she had prayed with for the headaches and told her that she had asked the Lord to bring her back into her path and she didn't want to pass up this opportunity. The student asked the girl if she wanted to receive Jesus and the girl said yes. She explained to her that it was a moment to commit her life wholly to the Jesus and led her through a prayer. The girl said that she hadn't had a headache since being prayed for earlier! All of this was the answer to this ESOM students’ prayer that morning, where she had asked Jesus that she would lead someone to Him on outreach that day.