January Short Stories

Last year a man started coming for prayer at HOTS with a rare and incurable brain tumour. Mark told him at his first visit that he saw a picture of him married with children. The man replied, “That's nice but the doctors have told me it’s impossible for me to have children". He returned for more prayer at the beginning of this year to say that the doctors discovered the tumour had stopped growing since having prayer, and that his wife is also pregnant to their utter joy!

The ESOM 2nd year students were in California on a trip during January. One of them, Lydia was in a mall and felt she should look out for the colour pink. Not long into her time at the mall she noticed a little girl wearing a pink coat. She felt like God was highlighting her because she needed healing. She approached the little girl, who was with her family and shared with them that she felt God highlighted her through the pink coat and asked if she could pray for her for anything. The mum began to share that they’d been in hospital a lot. Behind her ear this little girl had quite a significant sized lump. The couple agreed to Lydia praying over their little girl and so she prayed for complete healing. After praying once they could still feel the lump. Lydia prayed a second time, commanding the lump to go. After praying the second time they couldn’t find the lump anywhere and were in total disbelief as they searched for a lump that had just disappeared.

In Connection Cafe a few weeks ago, 2 girls came along who are students studying for PHDs. One of the girls was from a catholic background and felt it had a negative impact on her, always feeling judged. Recently she felt her "higher self" had been guiding her and she had been reading about how to discover God, whatever that looked like. In her pursuit of God, she had decided to come to CCV, even though she felt it could be a cult! The team chatted to her about her journey of discovery and encouraged her that God was pursuing her; that Jesus was a person to encounter, not a higher power that's in us. The team then prayed for her to encounter God’s love and she was visibly moved as she started to cry. It was a really powerful moment, where the team were able to encourage her and prophesy over her. The Sunday after, she came back to Connection Cafe with her partner, because after telling him what had happened the week before he then wanted to come along too. The team had a great conversation with them about the judgement of others and Jesus knowing our hearts. One of the girls on team then asked if she could pray for him. She started to pray and felt God say to tell him He was proud of him as a Heavenly Father talking to His son. She had a word of knowledge for him about some decisions he had made in private about his career. He stated to cry, and God’s presence was really evident on him. He said that the word was accurate and was surprised she would know. This girl was able to say again how wonderful being in relationship with Jesus is, where he talks to us. This couple is on a journey towards Jesus and we love these special moments of connection that happen regularly in our Sunday services.

A couple of weeks ago, two Encounter School of Mission students Liz and Russell went to Ballymoney. They were walking through a park and asking directions, when an older gentleman started chatting to them. He said that he did go to church but that was all. Liz and Russell showed him the JAD (Jesus at the Door) card. He asked, "Who is God?" The three of them started to talk about what a relationship with Jesus was and about the prospect of not just knowing about Him but opening up his heart to Him. Liz and Russell asked him “Would you like to do that now?” He responded with a yes, took his hat off and prayed the prayer alongside Liz and Russell, asking Jesus into his heart. They invited God’s presence to come and this older gentleman encountered God’s love for the first time in a park in Ballymoney.

Dave was in a school teaching the kids about the importance of loving everyone, all the time no matter who they are or what they look like. He explained about a man he was friends with who looked good and had a lot of money. He then explained he had a friend with the same name as the other friend. This guy however didn’t look so good on the outside and didn’t have money. In fact, he didn’t have a home of his own and would often not smell as good as the other friend. Later in the week a mum came to Dave to chat to him about what he’d been sharing. She told him her 5-year old boy came home and asked his parents how much money both her and her husband made. He asked if they could give half of the money they make to Dave’s friend who didn’t have money or a home.

One of the team at the launch of our Alpha night had a woman join her table that she had met on the streets the week before, where she had been able to pray for the woman for healing in her back. The woman came to Alpha and brought her partner and she told the team member that she hadn't had a problem with her back since that day she was prayed for.  

A leader from Alpha shared a story from a few months ago, where he had noticed a girl curled up in a ball crying and a guy was standing over her shouting abuse. This leader stopped and helped get her a taxi home. He told the guys who were shouting abuse at the girl that Jesus loved them and he was able to share the same with the girl. That same girl came to Alpha months later where this leader was part of the team.