November Story Collective

In this section, we have collected together some additional stories from this month that we didn’t want you to miss! Be inspired as you read November’s Story Collective.

One week in our kids’ environments the team prayed for healing for one of the boy’s toes one Sunday. He said on a scale of 1-10, the pain was at a 10. After 3 of the kids laid hands on his foot and prayed, he said the pain was totally gone and Jesus had healed him. Later that day during the prayer and prophecy time, the team invited the Holy Spirit to come. Some girls prayed over another girl in the room and she had a beautiful encounter with the Holy Spirit. She started to cry and say that she felt such a “nice presence” with her. She said she felt loved and that it was different to anything she had ever felt before.

This month we have seen 42 kids in local primary schools give their hearts to Jesus by standing up in the classroom, many for the first time. In one of the schools, 2 brave kids stood in a class of around 30 to respond to Jesus.

Our Open Door ministry through the Hope Centre have seen 4 people come to know Jesus for the first time. One of the men came along anxiously in need of help and one of the volunteers got to sit with him and lead him to Jesus. He has since been coming to our Sunday services and continuing to connect with the Hope Centre.


We have been hearing many stories coming in this month of women totally transformed during their time at our Illuminate women’s conference. One woman shared of a friend who she brought, whose first time it was both at CCV and the conference. She shared of how one of the prayer team had made a bee-line for her friend and climbed over some of the rows of chairs to get to her. She spoke life over her and as the Holy Spirit came over her she was healed of the back pain she had come with. She ended up taking off her brace, completely healed and forever changed.


Last week in one of our local schools Dave, our children’s Pastor was in leading at the SU. After a worship song he invites 20 or so of the kids to pray out loud. Around half of them pray out loud and afterwards the teacher remarks, “I haven’t heard kids pray like that in church, let alone in school!”


During one of our smallgroups one evening, they were talking about healing. One of the group had extreme back pain and before praying the group discovered he had one leg slightly shorter than the other. As the group prayed, his leg grew out and he was instantly totally healed of all back pain he had come with. He was able to do thing like bend over, that he was never able to do before.


A couple of weeks ago one of our kids from our Sunday environments was in school and overheard two of her friends talking about having pain in their backs. She bravely decided to ask the girls if they would like her to pray for their back pain to go because her friend Jesus could take it away. One of the girls instantly replied “no”, but the other girl decided she’d like to receive Rosie’s prayer. Rosie prays and the girl gets instantly healed of her back pain. Seeing this, the other little girl who had refused prayer decided she too wanted prayer for her back pain. Rosie then got to pray for the other girl and her back also got better.


Over the last few weeks, in response to our series on generosity at CCV, a staff member from the prison who attends our church was really challenged to do something to help meet the needs of people in the community and give prisoners in HMP Magilligan the opportunity to show generosity to others this Christmas. They decided to help raise awareness of people who are struggling with food poverty and homelessness by taking part in the Reverse Advent, collecting food items to make up hampers for guests of the Hope Centre as well as raise money and provide much needed clothing items (underwear, hats, gloves etc) to those in need. A few of the Hope Centre staff had the privilege of visiting the prison and meeting members of staff and prisoners who had been heading up the collections to encourage them about the difference their generosity will make. The staff and inmates in HMP Magilligan have been busy collecting throughout the month of November and are really excited to be able to see the items they have collected make a big difference to those who will benefit from these this Christmas. 


During one of the nights of Studio10, our youth environment on a Friday night, two girls were standing with their hands before them and experienced the Holy Spirit for the first time. One of the team overhear them talking saying “did you feel that?!” She gets chatting to them. These girls are friends, both with the same name. Another of the leaders comes to talk to one of the girls and both have separate conversations about what they were experiencing. Both girls came that night with struggles but individually shared that they each wanted to open their hearts to Jesus. The two team separately led these two friends to Jesus and as they found out after the decision they had each made they hugged and celebrated together.


At another of our smallgroups, a lady was prayed for by her group. She had asked for prayer for her hip as she was unable to get in and out of her car due to the pain. The group prayed and then noticed that one of her legs was shorter than the other. The group prayed for her leg to grow out and it instantly grew out before them and the lady. One week later, the lady came back with a sore back. The group prayed for her again and all pain instantly left her. The following day she sent a text to the group leader to say that she had no pain whatsoever.


*please note we have changed the name of any young person under the age of 18 for privacy.