Conversation with God is where our hearts begin to find wholeness and rest.  Finding Him as our rock and refuge is always our starting point.  Something profound also happens when we willingly respond to Jesus in a moment and make ourselves vulnerable by letting someone else pray for us.  This is why we give many different opportunities for people to receive prayer ministry in our Vineyard family. 

Small Groups
Many at Vineyard find care through close relationships in their small group community.
Your group leader will gladly arrange for you to receive prayer if you wish.

Prayer Training
If you would like to learn how to pray for others, check out our next capacity day. This one-day Prayer Training Class provides teaching and practice that will help you feel confident in praying for those around you.

Home & Hospital Visit
If you would find it helpful for one of our CCV visiting team to come and pray with you if you are ill & housebound, or in hospital or a long term care facility, please contact our church office.  One of our visiting team will get in contact with you as soon as possible and would be delighted to pray with you