All Things New - Prayer & Fasting

We believe we are about to see incredible breakthrough in our community; we’d love to invite you to join us as we fast and pray over the next few months, together seeking God’s heart to see ‘all things new’. We invite you to sign up for one day to fast throughout the week, during which time time we encourage you to pray for our community.

We know that for some of us fasting alongside prayer is a familiar idea, while for others it may be quite new. Whatever the case we want to invite everyone to get involved. To help get us started there is some information below on the area of fasting, along with some ideas to guide our prayer.


Fasting is an act of worship - we show Jesus that we love Him more than our own comfort. It is voluntarily giving up something we normally consume or do so that we can increase our focus on God. Fasting may look like giving up one meal a day, or you may decide to fast for a whole day. Sometimes for various reasons fasting from food may not be possible for us; instead we could fast TV or social media for example. Here’s a short piece about fasting from our friends at 24/7-Prayer.

As you fast, set aside time throughout the day to pray into what it looks like to see ‘all things new’ for you personally, in family, this community and the nation.


What does it look like to see God bring Kingdom transformation to each of these areas and to see His ‘Kingdom Come on earth as it is in Heaven’?

As we set time aside to pray and fast it may be helpful to use the following categories to guide our prayer:

Personal: Transformation in our mindsets to see ourselves, others and situations as God sees them. Gaining a Kingdom perspective & deepening intimacy in our relationship with God.   

Family/Friends: Unity and blessing on families and relationships, health and wellness, hope, wholeness and provision.  

City: Coming together of community where people are welcomed with open hands, open arms and where no one is left out. 

Nation: People of this nation to step into their true identity. For the church to boldly be who they are created to be. For decision makers to have wisdom and understanding and be inspired with Heaven’s strategy for our nation. 

We are really expectant of what God is going to ignite in our hearts and lives during this time and for the breakthroughs we are going to see as a result of devoting this time to God!

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