Positive Parenting Courses

At Causeway Coast Vineyard we know that strong families create strong communities. We feel that investment in our families and in our parenting is vital as we see our own lives enriched, and as we seek to see our community changed one life at a time.

These courses developed by Care for the Family are delivered by trained and passionate instructors from CCV who hope to come alongside and support families throughout the North Coast. The ‘Positive Parenting’ Courses, “Time Out for Parents” have a common sense and user-friendly approach, based on relevant research and written in consultation with experts. The 2-hour courses range from 3 to 7 weekly sessions depending on the topic. 

The courses run as part of our Small Group structure here at CCV; Small Groups start and finish on a term by term basis, allowing everyone to sign up for groups at the same time, 3 times a year. These are called our sign up months, and will take place in January, May and September. 

‘Care for the Family’ is a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties. Find out more about ‘Care for The Family’ here.


Positive Parenting courses can be run at any venue throughout the Causeway Coast & Glens such as playgroups, schools, community groups, etc. To book an upcoming course at your venue or to arrange for an introductory presentation for your organisation, please contact the Causeway Coast Vineyard Community Engagement Team.

Positive Parenting Courses: Time out for Parents

Time Out for Parents: The Early Years
Bringing together mums and dads to look at building healthy relationships with their babies, toddlers and pre schoolers and develop learning through fun and play. The six sessions are designed to help you negotiate the early years with confidence and build strong family relationships for the future.

How does it work?
Sharing ideas with other parents and carers is a key element. Discussions are based around real-life scenarios. Each session includes space to plan any changes you want to make in your parenting and, from week 2, an opportunity to discuss how that’s working.

Time Out for Parents: The Primary Years
Help guide your children through the next stage of childhood and build stronger family relationships as they journey through the rollercoaster of life.

Focussing on children from 5 - 11 years, The Primary Years helps parents look at how to support their child as they start to find out how the world works, learn how to manage their feelings, find out what they’re good at and experience the consequences of keeping or breaking the rules.

How does it work?
Sharing ideas with other parents and carers is an important part of the course, and discussions are started from real life situations. Each session includes space to plan any changes you want to make in your parenting and, from week 2, you will have an opportunity to discuss how you’re getting on with trying these at home.

Time Out for Parents: The Teenage Years

Bringing you hope as you chart your way through the challenges of the teenage years and the changes in the parent-child relationship. The sessions are designed to help you stay connected with your child through understanding their world and developing good communication skills.

How does it work?
Sharing ideas with other parents is a key part of the course, and we use case studies and real life scenarios to help ground the material. Each session includes space to plan any changes you want to make in your parenting, and from session 2 there will be an opportunity to discuss how you are getting on with putting this into practice at home.

Time out for Parents: The Teenage Years

Time Out for Parents: Dads
If you are a dad, this course is for you! Five workshops focussing on the importance of dads and helping you to build an even better relationship with your children.

What’s in the course?
You’ll look at how you can improve your understanding of how to meet your child’s needs, including learning and development. You’ll explore other key aspects including building self-esteem and positive communication, setting and maintaining boundaries, and managing your child’s behaviour.

Time Out for Parents: Understanding Child Behaviour
(with a special focus on Autism & ADHD)

Who is the course for?
Parents who have busy or active children, or who struggle with ‘difficult’ child behaviour. 

What will the course cover?
This 6-week course looks at some of the common psychological causes of child behaviour, alongside some management strategies aimed at equipping parents to understand their children and build stronger family relationships.

Who has accredited the course?
The course is accredited by ‘Care for The Family’, a national charity that aims to promote strong family life. The course is facilitated by Drs Jonathan & Lydia MacDonald. Lydia is a medical doctor with an MA in Special Educational Needs and MSc in Applied Psychology. Jonathan specialises in communication and is an advocate for those on the autism spectrum.

Time Out for Parents: Children with Special Needs

Parents of children with special educational needs often feel isolated and frustrated that ‘standard parenting advice’ sometimes doesn’t work. This course provides opportunity to share experiences and find solutions on the basis of what works - not what’s meant to work!

These sessions are written by parents and professionals, with input from families with experience of children with special needs. They aim to help support you in meeting your child’s needs, focussing on children aged 3 - 11 years with a disability or special needs, particularly those who have learning, developmental and behavioural issues.

What’s in it?
We start by looking at what life is really like living with your child who has special needs, helping them reach their potential and how to keep going. We’ll also explore why our children act the way they do - the many reasons behind behaviour, the vital subject of setting boundaries, why children need them and why they can be hard to set.