Responding to the refugee crisis

We've listed some help in responding individually & corporately as a family at CCV to the refugee crisis. 


  1. Pray for those who are fleeing
  2. Pray that we respond out of love & not fear
  3. Pray that change happens in the countries of origin
  4. Pray for hard pressed agencies on the border
  5. Pray for those in authority, our politicians & leaders  

How else can we help?

  1. Praying: Visit the 24-7 Prayer website
  2. Connecting: Do you have a spare rental house for refugee family? Visit Citizens UK
  3. Fostering: Orphans are arriving into Europe. Visit Home For Good
  4. Welcoming: It starts at home, join a small group, invite a neighbour for a meal, learn to live together.
  5. Giving: As a Church family we will uplift an offering on 13th September to help partner with agencies.