Exploring Generosity

1. Treasure Principle

“All your life, you've been on a treasure hunt. You've been searching for a perfect person and perfect plan. Jesus is that person; heaven is that place. So if you're a Christian, you've already met the person, and you're already headed to the place. 

But there's a problem. You're not yet living with that person, you're not yet living in that place!

You may attend church regularly, pray, and read the Bible. But life can still be drudgery, can't it? You dutifully put one foot in front of the other, plodding across the hot, barren ground, longing for a joy you cannot find, a treasure that eludes you.

Jesus told a story like that. It's about a hidden treasure that, once discovered, brings life-changing joy. But before we get started on our little journey, I want you to know something. Some books try to motivate giving out of guilt. This isn't one of them.

This book is about something else - the joy of giving. The Treasure Principle has long been buried. It's time to unearth it. It's a simple yet profound idea - with radical implications. Once you grasp it and put it into practice, nothing will ever look the same. And believe me, you won't want it to.

When you discover the secret joy of the Treasure Principle, I guarantee you'll never be content with less” 

This is a book extract from Randy Alcorn's 'The Treasure Principle'. It unearths the secret wrapped in giving. We would love to give you a free copy of this book as you begin or continue on your journey of living a life of breathtaking generosity. Fill in your details below and we can post this book to you.

2. Asking God to Intervene

“Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me” – Luke 12:13

There was a man who wanted Jesus to do something that would solve his financial problems. Ever been there? God, could you turn this situation around so that debt does not define my life? Would you help my boss to recognise what I bring to the company and give me a raise? God intervene in my finances. This man invited Jesus into his financial world. He effectively said ‘Jesus help me get more. I need more.’ 

Many of us have been in a time, season or stage where we were in financial need. Maybe you didn’t get as much money for the sale of the house, maybe you suddenly found yourself unemployed, maybe your relative changed the will. What would you do? 

The man in the story did what we would all do when the bottom falls out of our financial world. He wanted God involved in his finances. Not because he had ever given to God. “Lord, I'm asking You, I'm giving You permission, I'm inviting You in to the area of my financial security.” We all do it, suddenly we reconnect the world of our faith and our finances and we want God involved. It is clear his perspective needed reframed as Jesus told him a “man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” He was seeing himself as a victim of circumstance rather than a carrier of abundance. He was looking at what was missing instead of seeing what had been given. When we do this, we miss the invitation into what the Father is making available.

3. Building lives of Breathtaking Generosity

Building lives of breathtaking generosity is the gateway to becoming spiritually healthy and truly alive. More than anything else, generosity has the capacity to break the power of idolatry in our lives. It loosens the grip of greed and helps us find the freedom our hearts need. We need to learn to cultivate an abundance mentality that closes the door on anxiety and simultaneously invites us into joyous expectancy. We discover that generosity is something God wants FOR us and not something he wants FROM us. We need learn how to take the next step in fueling the impossible in our lives and how to multiply life in our cities through the biblical practice of breathtaking generosity. 

Listen to Alan below share on this from our series in 2013:

4. Struggling with Money? 

“I wasn't quite sure where to post this, so thought I'd message you… I wanted to thank the Coleraine Vineyard massively. I had lost my job, debts getting out of control on interest and didn't know where to turn. I rang CAP and that's when I came across John and David. Having recently become unemployed I was embarrassed and very low. They were very reassuring and positive. They set up a budget and plan. As I was unemployed at the time I had no extra funds so didn't exactly follow the plan exactly. I kept the budget and when I gained employment in September I could start following the plan. Long story short on Friday I became Debt Free for the first time since I was 19. A load off my mind and opens more avenues now in my future for example house owning etc. Could you please pass my huge gratitude to the CAP team at Vineyard who without I would probably still be in a horrible place financially and emotionally. Thank you, Andrew."

This is our most recent story of hope that has come come through our Christians Against Poverty centre. Since it's inception, we have seen over 2.9 million pounds worth of debt processed and many lives transformed.

Debt can impact us all. It can put strain on your health, on your relationships and on your mind. If you are feeling weighed down by money, then our centre can help. You may think your situation is impossible, but there is hope. Below are two ways CAP can help:

- CAP Debt Counselling: This service is tailed to provide support to those in debt who are finding it hard to cope. It provides a holistic and personal approach to bring a long term solution. To find out more or receive help call 0800 328 0006.
- CAP Money Course: This short course will provide you with the tools you need to successfully navigate your way though your finances, putting money in its rightful place. The principles will work to organise your finances irrespective of the size of your income or financial know-how. If you would like to find out more then click here.

You can find out more about our CAP centre at Causeway Coast Vineyard by calling the CAP team on 028 7032 6161.