Cap Job Club

Our first 'Cap Job Club' was a real success with a 0% drop out rate and all the members have now found work, work placements or volunteering positions. We had the privilege of seeing week on week the members grow in confidence, social skills and self-worth. 

Recently as part of launching our next 8 week course we asked the participants what job club meant to them, this is what one member said…

“When I started Job Club, I was disheartened but somewhat hopeful. I'd tried everything else to get a job, why not this as well? In the past I'd usually failed at the interview stage, so I was looking forward to learning something new. In week 3 we did exercises on skills, but I sat and cried silently because I couldn't think of any skills relevant to my activities. I was ready to run out the door! Then the leaders took one of my activities, put it on the board, and got the whole group to pick out what skills it showed. Within a short time, I had a huge list of important transferable skills that I didn't know I had. Because of that, Job Club became the most useful program I've ever taken part in. So much so that the very next day I had my first successful interview in 7 years.” 

Job Club is an amazing resource transforming members’ mind-sets and skill-sets so they are empowered to obtain and keep a job. More to come!