How reading scripture transforms culture

Article by Alan Scott, Lead Pastor

When I became a believer I loved reading scripture yet somehow missed the adventure of discipling an entire community. It never really crossed my mind that scripture reading and culture forming were connected. It was as though scripture was useful in developing piety but not in changing cities; essential for character formation, less so for city formation. I'm embarrassed to say that I used scripture to escape the story of culture. Somehow, the way I read scripture afforded the luxury of ignoring culture. 

Whilst it violated the text, it was common practice among my peers.

Perhaps in reaction to this mindset some have re-interpreted scripture in efforts to relate to culture. Sadly, it has caused us to create a text in our own image. Sad because in the beginning humanity came to life through His breath and voice. It still does. When we dilute confidence in scripture it robs us of authentic encounter with the Father and causes us to lose our inheritance in culture.

However, we can't retreat to an introspective spirituality that reads scripture simply for increasing personal piety, neither can we embrace an active spirituality that imposes scripture upon society. We need an expansive spirituality that recognises the voice of God written over and rewriting culture. We need, more than ever, to hear the voice of God in scripture and the promises of God over culture.  So here, in no particular order, are my current musings on the joy and importance of reading scripture.