Annual Report 2015

Twenty fifteen was a year filled with incredible momentum and unexpected journeys. There were many things planned, but perhaps those that captured our imagination most and brought life to our city were the moments we didn’t envision. The next few pages trace our kingdom journey and tell our story of breakthrough in the past year. Hopefully you’ll be able to relive some of the moments that were special to you, and rejoice in the miracles we experienced together.

It was a year of rewriting the story in compassion and rebuilding broken lives in our community. Our ‘Compassion at the Centre’ offering in May allowed us to raise over half a million pounds to create one door of hope in the heart of our city. We also expanded our engagement in education, deepening our relationships and broadening our connecting with local schools. Our 10000 hours project was another moment where we had the honour of standing with and serving those who supply the destiny of our city – from local businesses to government agencies and education services. New business partnerships were created, thousands came to faith, many were healed, Dadfest was launched and we welcomed the nations as many came to see what the Lord is doing right here on the North Coast.

As we look towards the future, we anticipate a year of favour – one where God enables us to flourish as we receive His word in our lives and release it in our neighbourhoods. While bringing hope to the city is not the easiest way to do church – it’s messy and costly - it is the only way to release the kingdom. The sacrifice of the people of this church, and the miraculous power of God at work among us have produced tremendous Kingdom results. And we believe the best is still to come as each one of us releases the kingdom everyday, everywhere.

It’s an honour to be your pastor. Let’s step out again this year and bring back life to our community, our region and the nations.

Blessings, Alan Scott