The scent of sizzling bacon was in the air.  Men clad in padded helmets were laying into each other with foam sticks and a line of vintage cars were spread out awaiting admiration as well as the obligatory tester kick to the tyres. All this could only mean one thing. Vineyard’s Father’s Day celebration was underway. It was time for Dadfest.

The area around the church was set up with all manner of competitive activities. The Highland games area outside the main entrance offered the chance to Toss the Caber or do chin ups off a tractor to demonstrate manly prowess. If you made your way around the side of the church you passed the games bus, a line of men and boys sitting with controllers in hand and eyes fixed on screens with an intensity not even the nearby barbequing of succulent bacon baps and hotdogs could shake. Behind the main Church building there were bucking bronco’s, go karts and bouncy castles for the kids as well as the massive inflatable wrecking ball challenge that saw more than one competitor fly through the air in a tangle of limbs and laughter. Needless to say, sport lovers were not forgotten. It was down to the Compassion Warehouse for the football aim and off the crossbar challenges as well as basketball and golfing competitions to test player’s skills. This was also where protective vests were donned for play with the Airsoft rifles before coming out to enjoy the 1980’s Ford Capris and BMW’s on display.

It was a fantastic morning of fun, family and friendly competition. A perfect way to show dads, grandad's, uncles, and brothers how important they are, not only to their own families, but to the church family as a whole. Guys we think you're great - this was just our way of celebrating it together!