Be Brave

"I just had to share this story with you."

That was how the email began.  It was from a lady who had attended our Illuminate: “Be Brave” Women’s conference in 2014.  We’ve been so blessed to hear from many of the nearly nine hundred women who were inspired to step out in some way by the sessions and seminars, each story as individual in its bravery as the women who sent them.

This is the story one brave woman wanted to share.

“So for a few months now I have really felt that God is telling me to use my story to show people hope, to show that you are never too far gone for Jesus.

I was having dreams about myself at fourteen and how my life could have been so different if I had made other choices.  I believe God was taking me back to those moments and asking me to reach out to the younger generation, to reach out to teenagers and show them that they don’t have to wait to make a difference – that they can step out and be part of changing where they are.

There are a lot of young people in my home town with nothing to do who end up turning to smoking and alcohol from as young as twelve.  I wanted to start something for them but kept hearing ‘no’ from anyone I phoned and was starting to feel really disheartened. I prayed about it at the conference and with new hope I made some more phone calls during the lunch break.  By the time we came back for the evening session I had a space to start the group and helpers to make it happen!  I am so thrilled but terrified!  I have never led anything like this but I know its what I am supposed to do.

It started as reaching out to kids from difficult circumstances but then God encouraged me to go bigger, so now it is open to all young people between the ages of twelve and sixteen.  The aim is to show them that they do have a voice, that they can make a difference and that if they are in difficult circumstances they do not need to become a product of those circumstances.  I’m going to be sharing my story and hopefully getting them engaged in acts of kindness and change in the community.

I can’t help but think how incredible it would be to see a generation of young people rise up and change the culture they are surrounded by.  To change the perception and negative stereotypes that surround the word ‘teenagers’.

I am honestly terrified.  I have no idea if it will work and maybe I’m dreaming too big, but I figure why not?  I’m jumping in with both feet and trusting Him.  I’m being brave.”

On the 20- 21st of November 2015 we will host our next Women’s Conference.  With guest speakers including Rachel Gardner and Arianna Walker, it is our hope that ‘Inheritance’ will build on the legacy of stories just like this one.  If you were one of the women inspired to Be Brave last year, then we would love to see you again for what promises to be a challenging, identity- setting, purpose revealing weekend of focusing on what it means to step into our inheritance as daughters of the King of Kings. 

Come to celebrate an inheritance of wholeness, restoration and power through God’s spirit. 

Come to embrace your true inheritance in Jesus. 

You can find out more and book via this link.

If you missed last year, you can receive the Be Brave MP3s for 50% until the end of June with the code 'inheritance' via this link.