Getting to grips with your money!

The Spring weather has finally arrived and with it comes the perfect opportunity to take control of your finances. Whether you'd like to start saving for that dream holiday, tackle that mounting burden of debt you've been avoiding or simply de- stress the whole area of personal finances we have just the thing for you!

CAP Money is a free course to help you manage your money more effectively, covering how to budget, save and spend well. Here is how others have been helped through the course...

‘I heard about the CAP Money Course from a friend who went on the course. I wanted to pay off my credit card and stay out of my overdraft. It changed my life! I never thought it could be so easy, but the CAP Money system is so simple.’ - Annie

‘Since completing the CAP Money Course, I have used the budget, save, spend model to get a grip on my finances. I was able to go on holiday for the first time in years, pay for Christmas and even pay for my wedding!’ - Mark

I found the CAP Money Course a great tool to help with budgeting. It has helped me have control over my finances rather than them having control over me.’ - Kate

The next five week course begins at CCV on Wed 29th April. You can register by calling 028 7032 6161 ext 5 or by visiting here:

If you are weighed down by debt we'd love to speak to you in complete confidence, call 0800 328 0006 or visit - Hundreds of local families are now glad they took the first step. Will you?