Caroline's Smallgroup Story

"Last term, I found myself in an intense season; I was a newly-wed mother of 2 and studying a full-time undergraduate degree.

After Christmas, my husband's health began to decline and I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed with all that I was carrying. As much as I needed community, I did not have time to sign up for a Smallgroup until I seen the group 'The Best Yes; 'This group is open to any woman with family and leading a busy life. Do you ever feel you're torn in many different directions and juggling life's demands?...'

Every part of me resonated with those 2 sentences but I was already stretched enough AND I had to read a book for the Smallgroup (as well as psychology texts books, statistics, journals, lab reports...). I really didn't feel I could fit this in but felt I really couldn't afford not to either. So I signed up and I can honestly say that that was the first 'Best Yes' I'd made this year.

The leader was so lovely and encouraging as were the other ladies too. The laughter, the community, the love, the prayer, the encouragement (& the chocolate) brought so much healing to my heart and spirit. I honestly don't think I would've got to the end of this University semester without it. The study itself then was so refreshing, so real and so easy to relate to, the tools that I acquired through reading the book have been so invaluable that I really really really feel that EVERYONE should read the book and do the study - men as well as women.

I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to join this amazing Smallgroup and if, ironically, any woman feels they're too busy to join, they really should just go for it and make the time.

I went from just 'surviving' this season to thriving in this season and I can't even begin to tell you how awesome that feels!!! The big definitely is in the small!!!"

There is still time to signup up for one of our many smallgroups in the Summer Term. See what is available this term by clicking here. We would love you involved.