Glo 2015

When was the last time you took 250 kids into the centre of town on a Saturday morning?  We’re guessing it’s not something  many of us are in a hurry to do!  But the Team in charge of GLO, CCV’s first ever Kid’s conference, were not daunted in the least.  That’s what comes from an attitude of honouring and equipping children to see themselves as an active part of God’s kingdom.  The kids were unleashed in their masses to bring life to the town in a way that only they could on the last Saturday of February.

The plan was, in the midst of all the inflatables, and face painting fun, to teach sessions like how to give God’s love away on a daily basis before the kids headed out to put into action what they had learned.  But the heavy rain forecast for the afternoon meant the day was swapped around and the kids were out almost as soon as they had arrived.  No session based training.  Just God centred enthusiasm from the kids and total trust that He would answer their prayers because that’s who He is.

The 250, plus over 100 accompanying adults (we’re not totally crazy- the release was supervised!) were split into six teams all around the town centre.  They were singing worship, passing out snack packs to businesses, giving out car park money, treasure hunting, and giving away free sweets.  Many of the children when they got back shared how they had got to pray for people right there on the street. Seven, eight, nine, ten year olds.  And still more got to lead people to Jesus for the first time.  Amazing!

In the sessions our leader Ben had a couple of kids come up to share how they had stepped out for Jesus in school.  They told stories of praying for their friends for healing or things they were worried about.  They told stories about leading their friends to Jesus.  Ben asked the kids listening to stand up if they wanted to be brave and step out for Jesus at home.  The kids who had shared from the front then prayed for those standing.  One of the boys who was praying noticed all who were still sitting.  He prayed that they would think about stepping out and ask God for more confidence to do it.

The day was packed with worship, games, interactive activities and a fast food lunch.  There was time for Dave and Abi to share their heart for children in the parent/ leader café ministering and building community among those who give their time for the kids in their churches.  One of the highlights was our fantastic prayer tunnel and the commission that followed.   The kids were so hungry to go through that a second tunnel had to be formed so that every child could experience it! 

All in all the day was a truly remarkable one.  It was encouraging and exhausting and crazy fun in the way only a room full of hundreds of kids can be.  It was joy- filled and life giving for kids and leaders alike.  We genuinely felt it an honour to serve alongside some of the most energetic and courageous Kingdom Carriers around and are already hearing stories filtering back to us of how the children in our communities are being bold for Jesus.  It is truly amazing what God can do with anyone who is willing to trust Him – no matter how old they are!