HOTS Story

Article by Keri Fox (

The team was all set up, the chairs were in place, and the HOTS  (Healing on the Streets) team was ready, simply waiting for God to bring them anyone and everyone who needed healing. There was a great sense of faith and expectation because they knew that God loved to break into people’s ordinary lives, in the middle of an ordinary street and change everything. Soon enough, there was a group of young guys walking down the street near where HOTS takes place. Nick and our friend Philip approached them and asked if any of them had any pain that they could come receive prayer for. At once, three of the 4 guys pointed to one man and said, “He does.” Come to find out, he was a sprinter for the Irish National team and had injured his hamstring pretty severely (bad news in the year before that olympics). He was having pain just walking, and was a far cry for being ready to start sprinting again. Nick invited him to sit in the chair and he agreed. So the team knelt down next to him and they began to pray. After praying for a couple minutes, they asked him to stand up and try it out. He stood up, stretched out his leg and said, “I can’t feel the pain anymore.” The team asked him if he wanted to test it out and he went sprinting down the street only to sprint all the way back and say that he was completely healed. In that moment he decided to give his life to Jesus. Just after they prayed with him to open up his heart to Jesus, they asked if any of the rest of them wanted prayer for anything. A second guy said, “I’ve injured my knee.” He had partially torn his ACL, and it was painful and wasn’t moving correctly. He too sat in the chair, and the team knelt around him to pray. As they prayed for his knee he said he could feel “something moving in my knee.” After praying, he too stood up, tried it out, and discovered that his knee felt completely better. He, also, gave his life to Jesus. 

But this is the best part of the story. The third friend with them (one of the four had left by this time), looked up at Nick and asked, “Well, I don’t have anything wrong with me, but can I open my heart to Jesus too?” And of course, they all joined with this man to give his life to Jesus. God’s power and His grace completely changed these three men’s lives - right in the middle of town, on a little wooden folding chair. It sounds like the kind of thing Jesus would do, doesn’t it?