Compassion Housing

From Simon, our Compassion Housing Co-ordinator

"We hear a lot these days about veterans who are suffering with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) after they have finished active service. We had one such gentleman in our housing project who had been living with this for the last 30 years as well physical injuries and brain trauma. 

I spent 6 months working alongside him, telling him of my experience of PTSD and mental illness. I shared with him my story of how I overcame it, alongside regularly praying for him and connecting one-to-one. 

Eventually he was able to move into a flat of his own in Portstewart and start to live independently, which we were obviously delighted about. But it gets better... He came into the office for a visit this week to tell me that he has just started a 'combat stress' course where he is learning to help other veterans get over their PTSD. We love seeing the rescued becoming the rescuers!"