Limavady Hub Update

With the arrival of any new year, we get the opportunity to take time to listen afresh to the Father's voice for the future and reflect with thankfulness everything that He has done in the past. It’s been an incredible year in the life of Causeway Coast Vineyard with all the Father surprised us with; one of the biggest surprises of all was the birth of a brand new service in Limavady.

To start off the New Year we would love to thank each of you for journeying with us in Limavady whether in prayer, in person, or both. It has been a year of learning and listening and a year where we have seen His favour in awakening hearts to Him.

As we move into this New Year we are desperate to see the Father do more in Limavady and as His church we want to be faithful to the purpose that He has called us to; transforming the community one life at a time. Our community doesn’t need another church service or mid-week programme unless it is God breathed and Kingdom orientated; they need us to be signposts that reflect the goodness of God and the abundance that He offers. With that in mind we have a few changes to let you know about within our services in Limavady.

Firstly, we want to change Where we meet.

We are deeply grateful to Mr Laverty and the staff of Limavady High School for allowing us to meet in their premises in 2014; it has been a wonderful place to begin the journey together. However as we continue to reach out to the community around us it has become clear that this venue may not be the best choice for us as we move forward. We have heard feedback from many people telling us that they have had difficulties in locating the entrance to the school (off Connell Street) and have had to take the trip around the town a couple of times before arriving. Whilst we are thankful for their persistence we wonder how many others had the same experience but unfortunately gave up and journeyed home rather than journeyed with us. As well as this accessibility issue we have also realised that some people found coming to the school challenging because they had either left school recently, had a difficult experience with school in the past or found that their background made coming there uncomfortable. It is important that where we meet is accessible to all and therefore we feel a change is needed.

Secondly, we want to change When we meet.

Whilst Sunday night is a choice time for people who have a church rhythm already established in their life we have found that to those disconnected from church that this is a time where they are more likely to visit relatives, watch TV and take a big breath before Monday comes along. We don’t believe that any Sunday evening services in the community are filled with those exploring faith but instead are being attended with those already connected. While this is a good thing, it is not what or who the Lord has called us to reach.

With all that in mind, we would love to announce that as of the 12th of February, the New Limavady Night Service will be held on Thursday Evenings at 7pm in Cafe Piazza (26 Main Street).

Until that point we will continue meeting together in Limavady High School on Sunday evenings at 7:00pm.

We are extremely excited about the change and all that God will open up and create. We ask that you would be praying with us and for the community as we step into this future together and as God lays people on your hearts, we ask that you would commit to opening your lives and opening your invitation to them.

We look forward to see what surprises the Father has for Limavady in 2015 and we look forward to seeing you joining with us in the journey of transformation.

Many Blessings,