Annual Report 2014

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Twenty fourteen has been an exceptional year surpassing our expectation and imagination. This year we glimpsed what we long to see…significant shift in spiritual receptivity in various communities. In addition to people coming to faith, we have multiplied our presence and compassion into several locations. The sacrifice of the people of this church and the miraculous power of God have produced tremendous Kingdom results. 

The next few pages of our annual report trace our kingdom journey and tell our story of breakthrough in the last year. It is a story slowly inscribing hope into the heart of our community, finding its way into the lives of thousands of children/teenagers and over two thousand new believers. It’s a story of honour restored as Vineyard Compassion gave out 32,500 meals and saw 60 families receiving debt help in 2014.

As we move into the year ahead our expectation is that scattered servants like you will be carriers and multipliers of the kingdom into every area of our culture. If we step out in audacious faith we can together bring back life to our families, our communities, our companies, our colleges, our universities, our workplaces… our cities.  

It always starts with one. One person choosing to step out... One person inviting God to show up… One person asking  “Now what?”. I would ask that question of each and every one of us as we move in the year ahead.  What part will you play? What will you do this year that will outlive you? 

I’m honoured to be your pastor. The best is ahead. Let’s go change a community… a region... a nation.