Destiny Island 2014 – Special Agents.

We were made for more. We were created in His image to carry His heart and presence. We are His children. And He has called us as His children to reach the furthest heart.


What an awesome time with over 200 children aged from 4-11 years, over 50 leaders, and One Incredible God who reminds us all of our DESTINY in Him!

From loom bands, movie making, flash mob dancing, learning rugby skills from Ulster Rugby Coaches, boot camp and Nerf gun training, painting to crazy worship, the song 'Chasing You' taken literally, Dave and Raymond episodes, bouncy castles, great food, and the God who met with every one of His children's hearts.

We couldn't help but overflow with His joy and love. We were then challenged to step out and go into our communities, giving away goodie bags from house to house and company to company, praying for the sick, healing the broken, blessing every stranger in sight, and then seeing the lost being found in God's love - all this led by the children!

These are not just children; they are His children, and they are priceless in His sight

As Jesus said, 'Let the Children come to Me. For the Kingdom belongs to such as these."(Matthew 19 v 14). Both leaders and children learned as much as each other, because our God has called us all purely into simplicity.

We are called to simply come, not with our lives completely together and knowing everything, but as His children, and we will realise that our DESTINY is to be with Jesus and lead others into that same life!

So may we not be afraid, but have courage and know that the God who transforms lives, lives in us, and as we build His Kingdom here, there is no heart too far away from His great grace and His love!

For nothing is impossible with God!