Everyone, everyday, everywhere!

Some of our guys who had been on the training day last week for "leading others into life" met up with a lady during their time on the streets. It became apparent that this lady had underlying needs and her details were passed onto me so that I could follow up with her. I rang her to have a chat and to invite her into some of our projects including The Open Door. She seemed keen enough but because she lived in another town, explained that getting to us would have been a little difficult and she would maybe come some time in the future.

You can imagine my surprise and also delight when she arrived at The Open Door not long after we had finished our phone conversation . At the end she said that she was overwhelmed at how encouraged and how welcome she was made to feel . She even wants to help out in our Wearhouse . All this because of a random meeting where the love of God can be given away by everyone, everyday, everywhere!!

From a Project Worker in Compassion