30 come to faith at CAP NI Discovery Break

Over 60 CAP clients and their families were treated to this years free holiday at Castlewellan Castle. There was a jam-packed schedule including coach trips to Newcastle, archery, clay pigeon shooting, a laughter-filled céilidh and sessions on subjects like self-worth and forgiveness.

As has come to be expected on Discovery Breaks, God began to lavish His love on people right from the word go. Two ladies happened to mention while chatting during a meal, that they had neck and shoulder pain, so it was straight to the POWERHOUSE (prayer room) where they both received healing. One of them gave her life to Jesus, the other recommitted her life. Another man who didn't know God and suffered from Hodgkins disease met with God in a powerful way and two days later gave his heart to God, stating, "I feel so chilled out I don't want to go home." One lady recieved powerful deliverance and a husband joined his wife who'd just come to faith. We prayed and she later commented, "I've never known him to smile so much...or participate in stuff!" The husband added; "I'm really at peace and calm."

"After one of the sessions a Catholic lady asked me to pray for her anxiety and depression", said David. "I found myself telling her that it would be better to ask as a child of God - a member of His family. "Would you like to be adopted into God's family?" She agreed so we prayed. Then we prayed about the other things. The amazing thing is, I later found out that my wife Michelle was leading the ladies' two teenage daughters to faith at exactly the same time in a different part of the room."

When the girls stood up to testify, one of them sobbed uncontrollably as she shared how she thought she WAS a Christian because she was Catholic. "Now I feel like I've been a Christian for years...I didn't want to go on this break, now I don't want to leave. I've met so many amazing people," she shared.

One man who had no apparent interest in God looked very shocked when we prayed for his damaged shoulder and the pain went from a 10 to a 5 and then a 1! Like many he has now begun the journey towards faith.

Another man in his 50's, who had many walls and barriers, was deeply impacted by the words, "You are not a mistake," which are contained in 'The Father's Love Letter'. He broke and surrendered to Jesus that night. He later testified to the packed room, "I don't want to be with the devil any more...you all came here to show me the right way...now I feel great!"

In all 18 adults committed their lives to Jesus for the first time, 3 adults recommitted their lives and 9 children decided to follow Jesus. Many more were refreshed, healed, set free, encouraged and all the other good things God does in peoples lives.