Compassion Fashion £1 All-Around Sale Raises £3000 for Charities

The Hope and Gloria Emporium and the Women’s Ministry of Causeway Coast Vineyard were delighted with the success of the Compassion Fashion £1 All-Around Sale this past weekend.

The £1 All-Around Sale was a celebration of getting good quality, pre-loved clothes to the people of the North Coast….with the added fun of a £1 Cafe serving “Ground” coffee, £1 Beauty Treatments and £1 Face Painting for the kids.

For 2 days only the Hope and Gloria Emporium on Railway Road, Coleraine moved out their stock to make room for over 2000 items of Men’s, Women’s, Children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, school uniforms and books…everything priced at just £1.

Hundreds of people attended the event purchasing clothing, drinking coffee donated by “Ground”, getting kids faces painted and nearly 300 women were given beauty treatments: Hair (curling, straightening, plaits) Nails (file and polish) and Hand Massage.

It was a charity event supporting Vineyard Compassion locally and 2 charities based in Africa: Sports Academy and E3 initiative.

The event raised £1000 for each of the charities and the following are responses from the charities expressing their graititude and what projects the raised funds will support.

Ricky Writght from Vineyard Compassion: “Vineyard Compassion are overwhelmed by the generosity of the community of Coleraine who have supported the Hope & Gloria Compassion Fashion £1 All-Around Sale. We are deeply thankful for the £1000 donation which will help tackle poverty in the local area through projects like the Causeway Foodbank which offers emergency food for families in crisis or the ‘Wear House’ clothing bank which provides good quality clothing, footwear and accessories to families in need. For more info on our projects go to”

Tre Sheppard from E3 Initiative: “The E3 Initiative is incredibly grateful for the very generous gift from Hope & Gloria. 100% of the donation will go directly to our new school initiative. E3 Initiative is working to directly support close to 600 orphaned and vulnerable children with school needs in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zambia. Many of these children areHIV positive or living with HIV in their family situations. The Hope & Gloria donation will help us as we provide school fees, uniforms, and vital support to these wonderful children. With your support, we hope to grow the number of children we’re serving from 600 to 1000 this year.”

Suzi McAfee from Sports Academy: “Sports Academy George are delighted and blessed to have received this generous donation from Hope and Gloria. We had placed a large order for clothing for over 60 children that we work with, for playing jerseys, bottoms and warm tops as we are approaching the winter time and many of our young players have little other than their school clothes. We received the invoice this week to pay the remaining balance of the clothing in order for them to dispatch it and the £1000 donation when transferred across to South Africa at the current exchange rate is the EXACT amount required to settle the balance! Thank you so much to everyone who donated to and attended the sale – it makes a massive difference.”

Lee Millen, from the Women’s Ministry at Causeway Coast Vineyard, said, “It was so much more than just a sale. We are delighted at all of the money that was raised for the charity. But we are also so encouraged that the event had such a feel-good atmosphere and felt like such a positive event for our community. We love to serve our community and this gave us a great opportunity to do just that and have a great time doing so in our wonderful shop that we are so grateful to have in the center of town.”

The organisers want to invite the North Coast BACK to the not-for-profit shop operated by Causeway Coast Vineyard, the Hope and Gloria Emporium, to browse/discover/experience the “One-Stop Feel-Good Shop” with the Vintage Lifestyle shop and low priced Compassion Fashion clothing, Creative Workshops, Beauty Treatments and the shop’s every day £1 Cafe. A feature that will now stay at the Hope and Gloria Emporium is a £1 rail of School Uniforms. All Donations are gratefully accepted at the shop year-round.