Leadership Sessions

In September we launched our first "CCV Leadership Sessions". These sessions were designed to provide church leaders and their teams the opportunity to see first-hand how we are bringing life to the city we have been called to.

We were honoured to have one hundred and two leaders gathered from forty-two churches across the UK, Ireland, Norway and Finland. It was an exceptional time together as we shared how we have been seeking to rewrite the story of our community over the past 15 years.

Here is just some of what the attendees had to say about their experience:

"Sometimes intense days like this can leave me overwhelmed and inadequate, but I left the leadership sessions feeling inspired, equipped and ready to see God move in our towns, not just in our church." 

"We arrived at CCV at a time where we believed God was stirring our hearts with regard to direction and vision. The days we spent with your team gave us language and structure that has helped and continues to help as we understand what it is He wants us to carry for the sake of our community."

"It's impacted me deeply, inspiring and challenging me and reminding me what I signed up for."

"We were really impressed by your welcome and your hospitality. It was great to capture your excitement about your city."

"Since Leadership Sessions, we have begun to see a real increase in the number of people coming to faith in our community."

If you are a church leader who would be interested in hearing more of our story, then we would love to invite you to be part of the next two-day Leadership Sessions happening in March 2015.

For more information please go to: http://www.causewaycoastvineyard.com/leadershipsessions