Child-Like Faith

From bouncy castles, to Superheroes and Wild Crazy Adventures, we have had so much fun in kids this summer with around 600 kids engaging in our environments. Week by week we are blown away by how God is moving among our littlest people. Here are just a few of the stories...

One week in our Littlestars room, a three year old boy told us that he wasn't brave anymore. We prayed for him and the next week he told us that he had heard Jesus telling him that he was going to make him big and strong!

Mums of some of our Smallstars have reported noticing how peaceful their kids seem to be when they come home from being in Smallstars. One mum has even noticed her kids praying as they play at home!

In Allstars, the children regularly tell us about the angels that they have seen during worship – to them it’s just normal. Every week we are hearing stories about kids leading their friends to Jesus at school and over the past few weeks we have seen kids healed from pain in ears, knees and tonsils!

The kid’s rooms are one of the most exciting places to be on a Sunday morning.  We have so many dreams of how we would love to grow what we do - kids' small groups, a baby room and a buddy team for children with additional support needs! We long for every child in our community to meet Jesus!

If you would like to get involved and help us make these dreams a reality or would like more information about Vineyard Stars then contact Gillian Renwick, at or by calling the church office.