International Lunch

Dear Vineyard Family,

It was so thrilling to be home this weekend and to witness the sense of excitement and momentum surrounding our Be Brave women’s conference. 

Once again, Tori Sheppard and her team did an outstanding job. Women came from everywhere and women came alive. Over one hundred women volunteered and over nine hundred women attended. As ever, the stats don’t really begin to tell the story of the charities helped, hope restored, and women empowered. We are thrilled that women are flourishing, we are praying for more. 

With that in mind, I wanted to draw your attention to another exciting development within our CCV women’s ministry - and indeed our church. Over the last several months we have noticed increased diversity of people and nations beginning to gather. Our first Thursday ‘Teaching English' class has grown under the leadership of Jenny Hamilton to 26 ladies. We have Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Bulgarian and South Korean ladies gathering. In our services we are connecting with people from Korea, Brazil and other parts of the globe who are part of our area for a short time. We recognise that God is beginning to gather the nations to our community. 

We want to make them welcome. 

Therefore, we are seeking to discover exactly how many different nations we currently have represented at Vineyard. If you know someone from outwith the UK - who is part of our Vineyard family - would you help us by providing details so that we can invite them to our first International Lunch at the end of this month on Sunday November 30th at 1pm. We would love to host and honour them.

Please send their details to Hayley at or call her at the office.