Schools Harvests support Causeway Foodbank

Last week Causeway Foodbank had the joy of helping with the School Assemblies at Sandleford School.

The students at Sandleford had decided to collect food for the Causeway Foodbank as part of their Harvest Celebrations and invited us along to be presented with their collection.

We had an incredible morning with the students and staff and as a result of their support a MASSIVE 221.30kg of long life, non-pershiable food is in our warehouse ready to help local people in crisis.

In the afternoon we were invited to Damhead Primary where the Staff, Students and Parents had enjoyed a Harvest Concert the previous evening. We were greeted with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables to bless families with but also an extremely generous donation of £347 towards the work of Causeway Foodbank.

Thank you to both Sandleford & Damhead Primary for their amazing support and commitment to helping Causeway Foodbank bring hope in a wee bag of groceries.

For more information about Causeway Foodbank or if you would like to get involved contact Melanie Gibson at or ring 028 7032 6161 (ext 4)