Highway To Health

Our Encounter School of Mission began at the end of August and the students have been out in the community each week leading others into life. People have opened their hearts to Jesus in coffee shops, in the queue at Tescos, in their homes, and in countless other places. Our students have taken to the streets knowing that no place is too hard if we live our story in His story, using whatever is at our disposal to bring life back to the city. This happens by being available and taking risks so that others may come alive.   

One of the places where we have seen a number of people come to faith is along the River Bann on the path that is called “The Highway to Health”.  Our approach has been simple, we stop people asking them if they know the name of the path they are walking on. Turns out very few know, so we inform that they are in fact walking on the Highway the Health, and we then follow up with, “Is there any area in your life that you’d like to see health in?” The answers range from physical health to home life to financial worries.  We then pray for the individual asking for the Holy Spirit to touch them in some way, if they need healing we pray for healing.  We also share and invite them into a relationship with Jesus and leave them feeling seen and loved by someone. 

It’s amazing to see how we stumbled upon the name of this path in our community, and it led to some life-changing conversations. What if there is a place in your everyday life that could help you start up a conversation?   

Here are some helpful tips we are learning as we step out and share in our everyday environments:

  1. Be aware. Know what God is up to. Be alert to what He is speaking.
  2. Be yourself. Know who you are and what you carry. What is in you can transform any environment.
  3. Be creative. Know your surroundings, is there something there that would enable a conversation with a stranger?   
  4. Be willing. A little risk goes a long way in the Kingdom, don’t be afraid to step out and try something new. Push beyond what’s comfortable. We are discovering many in our community are looking for hope and we believe it is the same where you are, so step out.