Tales from the Tents

Stories from our team who went out in November to the Refugee Camps in Thessaloniki:

“The refugees had fled their homes and business and had injured horrific journeys. They were stuck waiting indefinitely in these threadbare, muddy camps for months and months, accompanied by depression, anxiety and trauma. It could have added up to utter bleakness for us volunteers too. Instead I found the warm reactions from people as we worked together in warehouses sorting clothes just cut through the enormity of the task. In refugee camps we were permitted access to, we were made welcome. The refugees appreciated that someone had bothered to take time and sit with them. Although no human solution to the crisis has yet emerged, and the problem is Biblical in proportion, somehow as the week unfolded I experienced time and time again the Kingdom of Heaven unfolding within significant stories and events shared by volunteers and refugees. Women were healed from foot injuries, back pain and head injuries. A son prayed in for his father and his eyesight became better.“


“On our last day we went back to the camp. It was bitterly cold, dark and the silence among the 1000 people was almost tangible. They had had no electricity for 4 days. A young man asked us to come in to a tent to see his friend. She was huddled in a corner of the tent, coughing and miserable. She was so thin and her beautiful face was heavy with pain and she could barely speak. We gave her some medicine and vitamins and our coats. As we were leaving, we sung a prayer of blessing over her and gave her a bible. Her face lit up with joy and she hugged it close to her chest and whispered “I love Jesus too”."

“All I can say is it was a privilege to have been out there, and I am eager to do what else I can, and especially encourage others to be a part of something amazing.”

"I came back on fire knowing that our God’s love is bigger than anything. This crisis is the opportunity for millions to know Him."