What is it?
We have a passion to see everyone, everyday, everywhere releasing and proclaiming the good news of Jesus in a way that leads their community into life. We want to see this happen through the local church.

At Causeway Coast Vineyard, we have been seeking to rewrite the story of our community and love the city into life over the past 16 years. We want to teach, share and impart to others what we are learning from our experience.

In September, we are hosting our 'Leadership Sessions' again. These sessions provide the opportunity to hear from different members of our CCV team and see first hand how we do what we do. We will share how we are transitioning from renewal to releasing power, from ministry activity to spiritual authority, and from seeking cultural relevance to releasing culture. 

Why are we doing this now?
At the moment, we have a significant number of requests for people to visit our church and spend time with our staff. Sadly, we are unable to say 'Yes' to everyone. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that Alan and Kathryn or the rest of our team will always be here. Through hosting these times together, we ensure that you hear from all our team.

What will it look like?
The time runs from lunchtime (Noon) on the Monday day and finishes early evening (5pm) on Tuesday. It is filled with different sessions, seminars and times of Q&A. You will have the opportunity to engage with our different leaders and departments, including Compassion, Kids, Evangelism and many more. .

Who is this for?
This is for senior church leaders and their teams. Please note that since we want these times to be interactive and marked with impartation, there will be limited spaces for each of these days. (Note: Individuals cannot come without their senior church leader.) 

What is the cost?
The cost is £125 per person. This includes a meal on the first night and lunch on the second day. If you book before 22nd Jun 2016, you & whoever you bring, will pay £100 per person. 

What about accommodation?
In order to keep costs down, we have partnered with local hotels/B&Bs and are delighted to be able to offer you discounted rates at these premises. Please contact these premises directly.

How do I book and pay?
Fill in the booking form below. Once we check that there is available space, we will send a confirmation and invoice to you.