We see children as our legacy and that word sums up exactly what we want to do with the kids we work with – leave a legacy.

You see, we reckon that when Jesus said (Matthew 19:4) that the kingdom of Heaven belongs to “such as these”, referring to small children, that he meant it.

And when he tells his disciples in Matthew 18:5 that if whoever “welcomes a little child like this is welcoming me”, his message wasn’t hidden, but simple and to the point. He was (and still is) saying that children are incredibly important to him and to his kingdom.


For children from 10 months old until they are walking. Tinystars involves play, snack, worship, story time & ministry. Parents are encouraged to join their children in Tinystars. Every Sunday.


For children who have started walking until they turn 2 years old. They enjoy play, snack, worship, story time, craft and ministry together. Every Sunday.


For children from age 2, until they start nursery (pre-school year). Our vision is to see these children encounter God in this time whilst playing and having fun. Every Sunday.

Allstars Juinors 

For Children who are in Nursery (Preschool year) and Primary 1. Kids enjoy games, craft, story, snack and free-play. They also join together with Allstars for worship. Every Sunday.

Every 3rd Sat

Reach is an opportunity for school aged kids to get God's love and give it away. They spend a few minutes listening to God then head out to the streets.


For children in primary 2 to primary 4. Allstars have fast-paced, action-packed fun that includes worship, teaching, snack and games. Every Sunday.

Allstars High

For children in primary 5 to primary 7. The children enjoy a more ‘grown up’ feel in Allstars High with worship, group activities/games, snack and small groups. Every Sunday.