Healing On The Streets

Healing on the Streets was birthed and pioneered by the Causeway Coast Vineyard on the streets of Coleraine in Northern Ireland in Easter of 2005. Adopted by many churches the Healing on the Streets model has spread around the world. It’s a gentle, non-confrontational way of connecting with people on the streets of our cities and introducing them to Jesus.

As people are drawn to the chairs and take a seat, we gather around each one in groups of up to four to kneel and pray our best prayer. No one ever prays alone, always together in a group. God has given us something that’s fresh, simple, and within reach of every believer.

Saturdays 10:30am-1:00pm

Would you or someone you know like to receive prayer for healing? You are most welcome to Healing on the Streets! We are out every Saturday at the Coleraine Town Hall.

At Healing on the Streets, we believe God loves you and can heal you. We are aware that prayer and medical advice are complementary, not mutually exclusive. We encourage everyone to seek essential treatment for conditions which medical advice should be sought. If you are on any medication stay on it. Under no circumstances should you stop doing anything a medical professional or counsellor has advised.