What previous students have said

My life has been transformed from dreaming dreams into living my dreams.
Thanks to Encounter I can say that I have discovered who I am in God and I know what I carry in my everyday.
It’s a place where you have the freedom to grow in all areas of your Christian walk, and you will be challenged to reach further than what you have imagined to bring God’s Kingdom in every atmosphere and environment you walk into.
I was constantly surrounded by encouraging, inspiring, and loving people that challenge me in the best ways. I find that I am now stepping out in boldness and confidence, not just in the church but also outside in the streets.
Our practical days helped me conquer my fear of rejection and awkwardness. Being out with others, helped me overcome this.
The mix of teaching and practical has helped me change so much. There were so many mindset shifts for me. I would recommend it to anyone.