Day 1 - Take Your Stand

“Stand your ground, and after you have done everything -  stand. 
Stand firm then.
” @ Ephesians 6:10-12

Unusual warfare around your life is the sign of unusual favour upon your life. 

There is something resting on you that resets the world around you. It has the capacity to change everything. You can't always see it, but principalities and powers can. It upsets the powers. And they seek to sabotage it. The devil’s schemes ALWAYS surround heaven’s dreams.

Every work of God in your life will be resisted and contested. The enemy comes every time you attempt something great for God, every time you seek to live life on a new level, every time you give yourself to something greater than yourself. He hopes that his tactic of intimidation will keep you from a lifestyle of expansion.

In today’s text, Paul instructs us to stand firm in the day or moment of evil. 

The warfare that surrounds your life is seasonal; the favour that is on your life is eternal. Don’t get those two confused. The enemy can hem you in for a while, but he can’t hold you down forever. You have the Spirit of the resurrected Christ in you and while Satan can knock you down, he can’t keep you out of everything that God has for you. He is pushing against you in the hope that you will lose heart and lose hope. His only chance of success is if you quit before your time - if you quit before you receive your inheritance.

In order for you to possess what heaven has for you - and not merely occasionally access it - you must learn to stand firm. 

Standing firm in the face of opposition turns occasional breakthrough into sustained inheritance. However, standing firm involves more than holding onto what you have, it’s about holding out for something more. Stand firm today, knowing that God has put something inside you that no circumstance, no event, no relationship can extinguish. It can’t be taken from you. You can only give up on it. Stand firm!