Day 10 - The Gospel of Peace

"Stand firm then with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace." @ Ephesians 6:15

"Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” " @ John 20:21

Bill Johnson once said, "In the world your environment determines your peace, in the kingdom your peace determines your environment." The Gospel of Peace is expansive wholeness and goodness. Kingdom Peace is relentless and overwhelming. More overwhelming than life itself.

Peace does not only rest upon us, it is released through us. Those who are at peace with God bring the peace of God to others. Jesus once said that our peace is to be transferred to our neighbourhoods and cities. (Matthew 10:11-13) That means the peace we carry has the capacity to shape entire regions. Peace is more than tranquility…peace is transformation. 

One time we were returning home with a team from a ministry trip in Slovakia. We were a little late arriving for the flight and ended up being scattered throughout the plane. Exhausted from the days of ministry and the early start we'd had that morning, I quickly fell asleep. I awoke a little later with the sound of a shriek filling the plane. I noticed the incident was taking place near my friend Mark and was eager to hear the story of what had happened when we landed.

Mark is well-built and when we entered the plane he looked for a seat where he would be able to maximise his room. Seeing a slight girl with her boyfriend he decided to sit next to them. As he took the seat the lady said "You might want to get another seat. I get very nervous flying and make everyone around me nervous." Mark thought to himself, "I’m not leaving, if anything’s leaving it's your fear." Turning to the girl he said, "Don’t worry, my peace will balance out your fear." (Statements like this are why I refer to Mark as the Jedi Master :)

After talking a little more to the girl and her perplexed boyfriend, Mark offered to pray for her. When she agreed, he turned to the passenger sitting across the aisle and said, “You look like a christian, are you?" When the man answered yes, Mark said, "I am just going to drive a demon out of this girl, would you mind praying for a few moments.  As the man prayed, Mark commanded the fear to leave and the shriek of it leaving woke me up.

Peace is more than tranquility. It is transformation.

We are to be ready for such moments, we are to have our feet fitted with the readiness that comes from peace.

There is nothing passive about this peace. It is expansive. Peace is for your assignment and your territory. It is not merely protective. Commenting on this reality, the late John Paul Jackson said, 

“Peace is not a passive word. Contrary to modern Western thought, peace is a fairly violent word. In Greek, peace means to obtain quietness by removing what seeks to distract and destroy you. It is not a compliant serenity but an aggressive taking out, a forceful extraction. The peace of God has the strength to root up and demolish every single work of darkness that is meant to keep God’s Kingdom from advancing. When peace comes, it literally destroys the work of the evil one (1 John 3:8). It tears apart the anarchy around us. It dissolves the tumult.” 

We could say that God’s peace is a weapon, not just our refuge. The purpose of peace is not so we can be at ease, but so that we can bring release. We don’t simply pray for peace. We release peace. We bring order where there has been disorder. We walk into turbulent moments and environments with the expectation of change, utterly convinced that the God of peace will soon crush satan underneath our feet... @ Romans 16:2