Q. I registered for the conference - do I get a ticket? 
Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirmation through Eventbrite. This is your entry to the conference and must be presented at Registration. You will receive a wristband at Registration for admittance into the conference. 

Q. Does the registration cover the whole conference? 
Yes, registration includes all sessions of the conference.

Q. Can I buy tickets for just one night? 
Although you are not required to come to all the sessions, we are not offering tickets for individual sessions at this time as we were sold out last year.

Q. Are meals included with my registration?  
No, meals are not included. We will list nearby restaurants in the conference booklet for your convenience.

Q. Can I volunteer for the conference?
Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We are not recruiting volunteers for this conference from outside our church. 

Q. What if I arrive late to registration?No worries! Registration will be open throughout the conference for late arrivals and our welcome team will meet you there.

Q. Are there group discounts?
Yes. Groups of 5+ receive are eligible for a discount.

Q. Are there any special hotel rates? Yes. Check the 'Location & Travel' page for accommodation information.

Q. Will you provide language interpretation at this conference? Unfortunately, we are unable to provide language services this time.

Q. Will you provide deal interpretation at this conference? 
Although we would love to, we are not able to provide deaf interpretation at this time.

Q. I purchased tickets for my group, can we reserve seats together? Registration is general admission, therefore group seating is first come first serve.

Q. Is there childcare available? 
Sorry, there is no childcare or programme available for this event.

Q. Do you have free parking? 

Yes, we have a large car park which will fit all conference delegate's vehicles.

Q. Does the venue have disabled access and toilets? 
Yes it is does. Also let us know if you require any additional support.