Vineyard Compassion

Vineyard Compassion is a charity that brings together an established range of community based projects that offer a holistic approach to tackling poverty and its underlying root causes. Find out more.

Food - Causeway Foodbank provides short term, emergency food for individuals or families in crisis while a long-term strategy is developed. Frontline care professionals (GP, Social Worker, charity, etc.) refer clients by issuing Food Vouchers that provide balanced and nutritional meals for 3 days. The foodbank centres are open at different days, times & locations. Action: Contact your frontline care professional for a referral.

Wear House
Clothing - Offers dignity by providing good quality clothing, accessories and shoes free of charge to those who are in need. Will be open weekly by appointment only and available on demand to local referral agencies in crisis cases. Action: Call 7032 6161 (ext 5) for an appointment.

CAP Debt Help
Free Debt Counselling - CAP is an award winning UK wide charity offering hope &a solution to anyone in debt through confidential home visits. ‘Hands on’ expert advice and practical assistance will  empower people to help themselves out of debt while teaching essential budgeting skills that will last a lifetime. Action: Call 0800 328 0006 to book a FREE appointment with a local Debt Coach.

The Open Door
Drop-In - An opportunity for people to ‘drop-in’ and have a cuppa, enjoy some company with space to chat and a listening ear, all in a safe & friendly environment. There is access to Compassion Support through The Open Door. Action: Come along on Wednesdays 11am-1pm at the Vineyard venue. 

Compassion Support
Support - Provides one-to-one support and signposting for people, empowering & equipping them to move beyond the point of crisis or need, taking the critical steps from dependence to independence. Creates a Support Plan and vital Next Steps. Action: Email or call the office on 028 70 220 005.

CAP Money
Money Management - Explains basic money skills and how to take control of personal finances over 3 simple & relaxed DVD-based sessions. Helps people gain a better knowledge of what they earn & spend, how to set up a manageable budget, get their accounts in order & learn to save. Workbooks provided. Action: Call 028 70 220 005 to register. We can also run the course within your organisation.

Employment - CAP Job Club supports and empowers people to take steps towards employment. It is suitable for both recent or long-term unemployed. This free service consists of 3 elements: 8 week course, weekly community (support group) & one-to-one coaching. Action: 028 70 220 005 to register for the next course.

The Link
Voluntary Work - The Link offers a variety of work placements designed to increase confidence, skills, social networks and ultimately employability. It gives people structure and a purpose for their day, improving their life choices & chances. Ongoing support is provided through a ‘mentor’ in a variety of activities. Action: Come along on Friday 9.30am-1.30pm at the Vineyard venue.

Compassion Housing
Supported Housing - Short/medium term accommodation for people who are homeless or at risk, and need support while living on their own but are moving towards independent living. Support team and signposting services available. Clients must be eligible for housing benefits. Action: Contact your support worker for a referral.