ESOM Plus (Internships)

Encounter Plus is our ministry extension for students who have the availability and desire to serve and grow beyond the standard weekly hours of Encounter School of Mission. This is an excellent opportunity to grow and stretch your leadership, your ability to work in team and to develop the gifts that the Lord has put in you. You will receive direct input from your pastoral oversight and also get the opportunity to be a part of our large staff gatherings and other training events as the year progresses. It is an incredible opportunity to work in a ministry environment and see God’s goodness everywhere.


Encounter School of Mission Plus (10-20 hours p/week )
Teaching, Practical, Part Time or Full Time Serving & Self Study

What does it involve?
Encounter Plus currently offers two options for engagement:

  • Plus 10 - serving part time in a ministry area (10 hours p/w + 1 evening)
  • Plus 20 - serving full time in a ministry area (20 hours p/w + 2 evening)

Calendar for 2017 - 2018
Term 1 - Starts Sat 2nd September - Sun 17th December
(16 wk term w/ mid-term break)
Term 2 - Starts Tues 9th January - Sun 8th April (13 wk term)
Term 3 - Starts Tues 24th April - Sun 3rd Jun (6 wk term)

Weekly Overview
Teaching: Tues / 9.30am - 12.30pm
Outreach: Thurs or Sat / 9.30am - 3.30pm
Serving on Sunday: Sun / 9.30am, 11.30am & 7pm



  • Stewarding the Supernatural
  • Hearing God
  • Spiritual Inheritance
  • Dreams and Visions
  • Leading others into Life
  • Healing
  • Creating Culture
  • Royal Identity 

Special Events & Conferences

  • Capacity Training Days.
  • Residential Weekend Away.
    (Time away filled with teaching, impartation and fun!)
  • Encounter More 2017: Serving at our annual conference
  • Mission Trip: Missional weekend at another church in Ireland

Practical Outreach

  • Healing on the Streets
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Coffee Shop Prophecy
  • Food giveaways
  • Servant Evangelism
  • Dream Interpretation
  • + many more!

We have number of regular speakers alongside guests coming in and sharing. You will get the opportunity to hear from:

  • Alan & Kathryn Scott
  • Mark Marx
  • Peter Lynas
  • Tre Sheppard
  • Church Leadership Team

Ministry Areas

We provide the framework and organisation to enable our other ministries to flourish. We firmly believe in our ability to demonstrate kingdom influence in the area of administration and finance. We ensure the smooth running of our multi-building 7 acre site, deliver conferences & services, manage and grow volunteer team and anything else that comes up during the year. A placement here will allow you to develop the skills and understanding to become a Kingdom administrator, someone who realises that the life is in the culture not the structure, someone who keeps us inwardly strong whilst remaining outwardly focused.

We believe that everyone ‘gets to play’ when it comes to bringing life and transformation to our community, our city, our world. In our kids ministry we are about helping a generation understand who God has made them to be and equipping them to live that out; we want the succeeding generation to be the generation that succeeds. We engage with hundreds of kids every month in our gathered environments and many more through our schools programmes Your Encounter Plus placement would be spent engaging in a variety of these environments as well as being trained in how to bring life to the littlest in our community.

Our teenagers are not just the future but that they carry an authority and significance from the Father today. Our wider community here in Coleraine has 8,300 teenagers and within Destination:Home, the name of our youth movement, we aim to reach and raise up this generation so they come alive to the hope that is on offer to them through Jesus. A placement with Destination:Home will involve moving out of your comfort zone as we enter schools, the streets and anywhere where God calls us to bring life to this teenage community.

We are a family at Causeway Coast Vineyard who seek to remain inwardly strong as while outwardly focused. We want to create a place where no heart stands alone. A place where people can press into God whether celebrating the joyful moment in life or journeying difficult times. Our hope is that individuals will connect with the available pathways to help them continue to be a people who walk towards wholeness whilst bringing life to the city. This placement involves you helping play a part in our pastoral share model at CCV.


We are passionate about seeing women know who they truly are and connecting them to their unique design and destiny. In all of our ministry initiatives and environments we seek to 'Remind' every woman of who they are, how God sees them, and what He believes about each one of them. We want to 'Restore' understanding of God’s original design for each woman and access God’s restorative and healing power to make broken lives whole. We want to 'Reach Out' as a natural part of our everyday lives to show the love and power of God to the people in our local community and the world. Serving in this ministry will see you involved in ministering to women, running multiple events,helping in Hope and Gloria, our one stop compassion high street shop and joining with us as we see women be brave and come alive to the call of Jesus in their lives.

Our main purpose is to use media as way to equip and inform those who are believers and inspire, provoke thought and captivate those who are yet to find Jesus through videos, web, graphics and production. We want to get the vision of Causeway Coast Vineyard and whats happening to our local community and the nations. 

Vineyard Compassion
Vineyard Compassion is a charity that brings together an established range of community based projects that offer a holistic approach to tackling poverty and its underlying root causes. Our focus is always on the person and not just simply their ‘problem’, as we seek to restore dignity and revive hope. A placement with Vineyard Compassion would involve you serving in a variety of projects which have been developed to do just this along with the support of statutory agencies and social partners within the community and voluntary sector.

In worship, we don’t escape the real world, we introduce the real world. Through this opportunity you will help learn how to give everything you have and do everything you can to create environments of honour where God is treasured above all else. If you are a musician or a worship leader, come and be part of our growing worship team for the time you are here.