What is ESOM?

What is Encounter School Of Mission?
Encounter School of Mission is a supernatural school of mission designed to equip and raise up kingdom carriers who bring back life to every corner of culture. It is a nine month course that helps you discover your kingdom identity, understand your kingdom authority and brings clarity to your kingdom assignment. Believers are people entrusted with enormous authority and an assignment to lead the earth into life. Encounter school of Mission helps you fulfill that assignment as you learn how to live a natural supernatural life through practical hands on experience in the community.

Why are we doing it? 
Something incredible happens when the church shows up in the community and demonstrates the kingdom with compassion and authority. God has given His church supernatural power to bring life to broken communities, broken workplaces, broken families, and broken bodies. Our desire is to help the Church all over the world to leave the building. We want to see a generation raised up who are intentionally infecting their community with the Kingdom through the daily routine of life... The result: the lost are saved, the sick healed, the poor welcomed and the captives freed.

How do we do it?
By being trained and apprenticed here in Causeway Coast Vineyard you will learn what it means to bring the Kingdom to everyone, everyday, everywhere through these key distinctive aspects:

• Local church based - with a commitment to local community involvement & focus on the place to which God has called us.
• Relentlessly Supernatural - with an emphasis on ministering in the love, power and truth of Jesus and following His ministry style.
• Mission and Evangelism - with a clear focus on reaching the lost by demonstrating the extravagant love of God to a wide range of people.
• ‘Hands on’ Training & Experience - with a ‘learn by doing’ emphasis where teaching content explains and interprets the ministry.
• Boldness, Passion & Risk - are all centre stage. ESOM provides a safe place within a loving atmosphere to learn, step out and take risks.

Who is it for?
We are looking for people who refuse to reduce faith to what’s manageable, live beyond what’s comfortable, and reach for the impossible. Our students are devoted followers of Jesus Christ, team players with definite leadership potential, and a passion to learn how to live a life of extreme risk. We are open to students of all-ages who are ready to be step out and be stretched!

What does it look like?
To find out more about what is looks like click our ESOM overview.

What does it cost?
The cost for the school is £750 (excludes living costs and course reading). This is to be paid as a lump sum in August 2016.


The Framework For Learning

Encounter is based on the theory that there are three environments in which we learn that we call teaching, doing and being.

The Learning Philosophy

There are five areas that underpin the learning principles behind Encounter:

Learning | Personal Responsibility | Time | Leadership | Vocational directioN

A. Learning
It is dangerous to learn truth faster than we can live it! At Causeway Coast Vineyard we value ‘Implementation’ over ‘Information. Instead of taking in vast amounts of information - and not having time to implement it in your everyday life - it’s preferable to put a small amount of information into practice before moving on to learn more.

B. Personal Responsibility
This is a course for adults, with an expectation that each individual will take responsibility for their time and be intentional in their pursuit of Christ and His calling for their lives. The freedom of the Encounter environment creates a need for a high level of discipline, personal responsibility and self-management. Self directed learning without a lot of external restrictions requires accountability in the lives of the students.


C. Time
Encounter School of Mission is a part time course (15 hours) composed of these elements:

  • Half a day a week in class for teaching & discussion (Tuesday Morning)
  • Half a day a week spent reading and completing projects & assignments
  • A day a week engaging with the community (Thursday or Saturday)
  • Serving at a service on a Sunday

D. Leadership
This school is key in the life of our church. Our students are a vital part of the lifeblood of our faith community. Therefore our leadership team are committed to encouraging, developing and cheering on the students as they partake in every area of the life of our church.

E. Vocational direction
We are looking to encourage the students to walk in God’s calling for their life. Encounter is the foundational level of a path that could lead to a range of different options from then on, all with the goal of releasing a new generation of Church leaders through training in a new paradigm.

Community Commitments

Code of Conduct
Students will seek to ‘be imitators of God’ with ‘not even a hint of sexual immorality, or any kind of impurity,’ living as ‘children of light’ and finding out ‘what pleases the Lord’ (Ephesians 5:1-12). This standard governs our personal and public life.

ESOM is not for those who are looking for a place of recovery, self-based discipleship or for people who are coming out of lifestyle sins. The school is designed to be a ministry training centre where our students encounter their identity, learn the attributes of the Kingdom and walk in the authority and power of the King. Students come to serve and grow in mission, where the focus is outward not inward.

Discipline of Students
The freedom of the ESOM environment requires a high level of self-management. Any student struggling to make wise choices will receive quick and direct confrontation, which is designed to help draw out the greatness within the student. Our staff are trained and empowered to apply strength and grace in whichever areas necessary of students' lives. Students have the potential to behave themselves out of the school!

Students are expected to attend classes, ministries, mission trips, small group and church services regularly and punctually.


Financial Commitments

The cost of the Encounter School of Mission is £900

Students will need to work out in advance some form of ongoing financial support to cover their fees and their entire living expenses for the year. We recognise there is a level of faith required in raising support but our value of personal responsibility and self-management means that students should take full responsibility for meeting their financial commitments. This could be from personal savings or from ongoing support through their local church or small group. Please note: there is no remuneration or financial help from Causeway Coast Vineyard towards fees or living costs.

Living costs
You will be responsible for your rent and all other living expenses. We can help arrange accommodation for you if you are from outside the Causeway Coast area. This accommodation will be mainly in shared houses. We have tried to estimate a rough guide of monthly living costs for necessities per person here in Northern Ireland. Couples or families intending to come will need to budget accordingly per person as the costs shown below are estimated per person based on shared accommodation. Everything has been priced on a monthly basis and is simply an estimated cost for each expense. (All in GBP – British Pound Sterling)

Estimate of Monthly Costs:
Rent: Sharing a 4 bedroom house) £170
Utility Bills: £40
Public Transport: £70
Food: £100
Miscellaneous: £20
Total Estimated Monthly Costs -  £400

Students will be required as part of the application form to sign a commitment agreeing to the financial implications of attending Encounter School of Mission as outlined previously; that they agree to organise their support in advance of starting; and that they agree that it is their responsibility to cover their entire living expenses for the year on time.

Early Withdrawal / Expulsion 
Due to students having committed to the course in advance, if any students decide to leave the school early or are removed from the course for discipline reasons, they are required to cover any costs incurred throughout the remainder of the year. Examples of this include: rent, flights, course fees


What previous students have said

My life has been transformed from dreaming dreams into living my dreams.
Thanks to Encounter I can say that I have discovered who I am in God and I know what I carry in my everyday.
It’s a place where you have the freedom to grow in all areas of your Christian walk, and you will be challenged to reach further than what you have imagined to bring God’s Kingdom in every atmosphere and environment you walk into.
I was constantly surrounded by encouraging, inspiring, and loving people that challenge me in the best ways. I find that I am now stepping out in boldness and confidence, not just in the church but also outside in the streets.
Our practical days helped me conquer my fear of rejection and awkwardness. Being out with others, helped me overcome this.
The mix of teaching and practical has helped me change so much. There were so many mindset shifts for me. I would recommend it to anyone.