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 If you need more time to think about your application, we would encourage you to download the form.

ESOM Selection
Please select with Course you would like to apply for:
If you have chosen ESOM plus, which area would you like to apply for?
The ESOM Plus placement will require you to be able to use basic computing functions on applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher etc. Could you please highlight your computer experience below:
Will you have access to a laptop during your placement?
Personal Details
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Career History
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Spiritual Background - Your Future
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Practical Details
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*It’s your responsibility to find your own accommodation although we will try to help as much as we can.
Financial Commitment
Students will be required as part of this application form to sign a commitment agreeing to the financial implications of attending Encounter School of Mission as outlined previously; that they agree to organise their support in advance of starting and that they agree that it is their responsibility to cover their entire living expenses as well as pay for the year on time. I confirm that I commit to the Causeway Coast Vineyard Financial Policy as outlined above:
ESOM Commitment
I state that all information contained in this application is correct and true. If Causeway Coast Vineyard (CCV) is to find any information to be false, it will result in my immediate dismissal from ESOM. I understand that completion of this application in no way guarantees acceptance or enrolment as a student in ESOM. I agree to abide by Encounter School of Mission ‘Code of Conduct’ and I agree to follow the decisions of the leadership of CCV and the full schedule of the school. I agree to pay all fees and the relevant living expenses in full for the entire 9 months of school as outlined in the Financial Policy. I exempt CCV from all claims for compensation which might occur during my period of study.

Application Process

Selection Process
1. Application form submitted
2. If application phase passed, you will be invited for a phone interview
3. You will then be informed if your application has been successful.
4. Further details and reading list will be issued upon acceptance.

Please wait for confirmation of a successful application before making necessary arrangements.
Also, we may accept your ESOM application however we may be unable to offer the desired ESOM Plus placement.

Have you read, understood the financial commitments and the self-financing implications?
•    Have you signed the application form including the Financial Policy Commitment?
•    Have you indicated your Encounter Plus placement option if applicable?
•    Have you attached a passport photo?
•    Have you completed the application form including answering ALL questions
     fully concerning your spiritual journey?
•    Have you entered your details on the reference forms?
•    Have you sent both references forms to your referees?

Closing Dates
Applicants with nationalities outside of European Union: 31 May 2016
Applicants with nationalities within European Union: 31 July 2016

These dates are set in order to give adequate processing time for UK Border Agency Visa requirements to serve on ESOM.